Wednesday, June 12, 2013

[Review] Philip Kingsley Flaky Itchy Scalp Toner (Final Thoughts)
Philip Kingsley Flaky Itchy Scalp Toner

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Promises: Soothing leave-in Scalp Toner with an anti-microbial and anti-flaking formula that provides immediate and long lasting relief from irritation. Clear and odorless.

Ingredients: Aqua (Water), Alchohol Denat, Benzalkonium Chloride, Camphor, Piroctone Olamine.
Camphor Cools & soothes
Piroctone Olamine Benzalkonium Chloride Long lasting relief from flaking.   Helps to prevent recurrence of flaking.

- Cleanse with Flaky Itchy Scalp Shampoo to increase effectiveness and follow conditioner.
- Lightly towel your dry hair and apply Flaky Itchy Scalp Toner directly to your scalp from nozzle in 3cm (1”) partings
- Distribute with your fingertips
- Do NOT rinse
- Comb through and style as usual
- Can be reapplied when required on your wet or dry scalp/hair
- Suitable for use on color treated hair

My Thoughts:
Late October, my partner in crime, Keyda, asked me what she could do about her itchy scalp and shedding. I recalled an awesome blurb I read in November 2012's Glamour mag about Philip Kingsley's Flaky Itchy Scalp Toner. The key to healthy hair is definitely a healthy scalp. Philip Kingsley is one of the world’s leading Trichologists; a hair doctor. Like a dentist, but for your hair. He has an amazing line of products, but at the core is his belief in the importance of scalp health. A few days afterwards, she bought it and now uses it faithfully. After 2 months, she told me that her scalp feels amazing and her shedding is under control.
Glamour November 2012
I usually massage an essential oil blend every wash day into my scalp to simulate and prevent flakes, but I wondered---could PK's toner be my key to a shed free Spring? (I usually shed in the fall and spring) Instead of being reactive this year, I decided to be proactive and ordered a bottle for myself. My first use was awkward. The toner concoction is very watery, yet has a pleasant underwhelming scent. Its nozzle opening is entirely too large unless you want to soak your head with the product. Of course with water as the first ingredient, I knew that it would revert my new growth--so I applied to my scalp on dry hair about 8 hours before I washed. I'm going to use the product for a few weeks to decide how I like it and if it prevents another Spring Shed Situation.

Final Thoughts: 
I applied the treatment at least once a week for almost 6 months. I ended up replacing the giant nozzle applicator with a fine mist spray top to prevent myself from wasting the product. No allergic reactions or adverse effects to report. I haven't had one incident of shedding like crazy, the way that I did last year and my shed hair on wash days has been smaller in diameter than a penny. Whilst, I can't say that PK's Toner is the only reason that I've avoided a shedding fiasco this Spring, I think that it has definitely helped. De-stressing, PK Toner, and green tea rinses #ftw! All four are in my regimen for the long haul.

This one is definitely a keeper! If you've tired it, let us know!



  1. I have not thought to use it before I wash....possibility.. :) and I would totally share! lol

  2. LOL! YOU would probably share, but if this scalp toner is as good as you say that it is, then I know that I wouldn't!


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