Thursday, January 31, 2013

Wish List 2013

Hola Luvs!

KLP, your wish list mad me think...what do I want!? There are so many things lol but I can settle for these main items:

1. Like KLP, I WANT ALL OF THE PW AWUPHI GINGER LINE :D I am sooo in love with the I have been using it for the last month and now I am obsessed with wanting to try everything on the line...I have noticed my hair to be much softer and an increase in the ability to manage my new growth better. I shall drool and swoon with you KLP for

2. I definitely need the Magic Star Jumbo Rake with the way KLP and other hair dolls rave about it, I must get it! It was also sold out for almost one month! So, it must be good. With the thickness of my hair...this comb may prove to be the only thing capable to tame it! I am on my way to

3. In a previous post, I shared my hooded dryer is basically dead... :( but I am not soo dissappointed hehe :) I want to be able to sit up in my chair to read a book (Im a geek! lol) or watch some #RHOA (guilty pleasure...) and I am tired of sitting on the floor or in a awkward position for table top hooded dryer. So, after searching, I will be trying the BaByliss Pro Thermal Ionic Rollabout Dryer sold at Sally Beauty Supply. It had decent reviews from Jeni at ! I plan trying out, how I like the idea of a rollabout dryer (I'm sure I shall love!) then later in future upgrading!  

Potential List Makers: PM Super Skinny Serum and Treatment, Heating Cap, Curling Iron...

What has made your list?




  1. I love that the BaByliss has a one year warranty! So just in case it breaks, you'll have some coverage. I just don't know where in the world I would store it!

  2. yeaaa...that is the only thing I am worrying about..uhmmm but I want it lol

  3. I've had my hooded dryer for years too. I should probably have my eye out for a replacement too!


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