Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Wish List January 2013

Paul Mitchell Awupuhi Wild Ginger Line
1. The entire Paul Mitchell Awupuhi Wild Ginger line- I'm just smitten over this line. With promises like Repair damage caused by heat styling, chemical processing and aging with the vital protein and intense moisture of Awapuhi Wild Ginger® and a few Allure "Best Of" accolades under it's belt, this Awupuhi Line sure seems to aim to please. Swoon and drool with me at

2. Another Magic Star Jumbo Rake from after writing my beyond rave review, I realized -Ay dios! What if I did loose my comb? Would the world come to an end? Possibly. Would I curl up in my bathroom and rock back and forth teetering upon madness? Probably. Exaggeration? Not in the least. I'm very serious. Therefore, this mamí needs to make sure that she's got a back up!

3. A Heating Cap- Heated extreme deep conditions are this chica's best friend, but sitting under a hooded dryer for 1+ hours is nooo fun. My mother-in-law has a heating cap from circa at least 1982 and although I laugh like heck every time that I use it, boy--that thang works! The thought of being able to lay down while I deep condition (which is usually super duper late at night) and not wake up my family with the low roar of a hooded dryer is sexy. Yes, I just called a heating cap sexy. Don't judge me. I'm thinking about pick up this Gold N Hot model from Sally's. 

What's on your January Wish List?

Un mil besitos!


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