Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Interview Style!

So, I probably did the quickest wash EVER! lol ... I did my normal (regimen post soon) routine but in half the time.. I did prepoo with essential oil blend, and my Baba de Caracol on length of hair, placed a warm towel on my hair and enclosed it in a cap! I used KeraCare Hydrating Detangling Shampoo and my Emergencia Coconut Conditioner as a quick DC. I admit my hair was SUPER manageable and sooo soft! I used my fave leave-ins and air dried for a bit. I eventually did a light blow over with my dryer...

My hair reality:

I styled it in a up-do for my interview..I did a bump, and then split my back ends like pigtails. I twisted each side and pinned it around the crown of my head going to the opposite side. I only flat ironed my bangs! (link of this hairstyle to come...it was many cute up-dos to choose from :D)

Team no heat!

I decided to put my flower pins in!

Since my hair is not super long..yet! .. I did two twists for each section

** I plan on adding green/black tea rinses back into my routine...I have noticed a difference! I also plan on getting a touch-up very soon...I want to retain my length and not face breakage...soo I plan on touching up those roots! lol by next week! Soo, look out for post!

What you think? Think I should hold fast or go for it!?


PS... Can I get some fingers crossed I get a call back! :D


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