Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Losing Inches For the Win

October 2012
I simply believe in health over length. So last fall, after a summer of babying and protecting my ends--I was heart broken to discover just how damaged my ends where. It didn't even hit me until my photographer sent me previews of our family photos. My family looked awesome--my ends looked a hot mess. I've never had much luck with trims at salons, so the very next day I started researching how to self-trim. Then I stumbled upon an amazing gem: Miss Feye. She has step by step instructions on how to cut any shape you're looking for: blunt, V, or U. I've had a love affair with blunt cuts forever, so naturally I thought that was the way to go. Then, after looking at my imperfect progress pics, I realized that it a successful completely blunt cut would require me to part with at least 5-6 inches of hair. I was entirely too chicken for that! 

January 2013
I went with a U shaped cut that would accentuate the layers that I'd been growing out, be rid of my thin over-processed ends and keep some length in the process. Of course I had cutter's remorse for a few days, but I knew that it was ultimately necessary. I had to find comfort in the uncomfortable.

Fast forward to the present: I'm minding my own business flipping through the March 2013 edition of Cosmopolitan only to find this blurb: 

Say what? U shaped cuts give the illusion of a slimmer body too? Shoot! I would have gone u shaped a long time ago if I knew that! Now, I'm concentrating on preventing another thin end catastrophe by protective styling and limiting the use of direct heat. Losing inches for the win!

What techniques are you using to prevent damaged and split ends?

Un mil besitos



  1. Everytime I moisture and seal, I put a little extra oil on my ends. Also, during the summer is my ends thrive the most (bunning throughout the week and braidouts/twistouts on the weekends), I can't wait until this summer to start that regimen.

  2. I'll definitely be braiding and twisting my heart out this summer! The best part of a mistake is remembering not to do it again.

  3. I think I need to part ways with a couple inches :( ...we shall see... but braidouts/twistouts for win! ..I also realize if I will be giving swim lessons I need to step my SWIM HAIR Regimen up!

  4. I think that your ends look great. Do a micro trim and then see if it helps!


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