Sunday, February 24, 2013

Mini Wash Day

Notes: The moisture and strength that I gained from my previous wash day lasted all week. I was able to style with ease and I even came up with another 5 minute or less go to style. No heat weeks are definitely more fun when I can experiment with different looks. Let me know if you enjoy the "Minute to Win it" protective styling series! We'll add more styles if you're interested. 
I skipped pre-poo and shampooing this week. I want to keep my moisture levels up now that I'm in the thick of my stretch. Last year, I stretched for 16-20 weeks, but I think that this year, I'm going to shorten my stretches to see if it curbs breakage. Plus air drying and styling 16+ weeks post relaxer hair was no fun. (Which is why my flat iron used to be my bff!) On with my mini wash:

Mini Wash Day Products

(0) Detangled with mMagic Star Jumbo Rake in vertical sections. 

(1) Extreme Deep Condition: Applied Philip Kingsley Flaky/Itchy Scalp Toner and my essential oil blend to my scalp and Matrix Biolage Hydratherapie Conditioning Balm to the length of my hair. Then I coated my strands in extra virgin coconut oil watched a movie under my new heating cap for about two hours. 
(2) Green Tea Rinse with 2 tea bags and 2 cups of water. Today I used a narrow tip applicator bottle to apply my rinse to my scalp while I was showering. I let the rinse sit on my hair for about 5 minutes. I'm in love with this technique! Its so much easier and it prevents me from having to disturb my roots (and thus tangling up my at least 1 1/2 inches of nuevo crecimiento). Plus I feel like I'm getting the rinse on my scalp--which is where I really want it to be!
(3) Smoothing Treatment- massaged Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Daily Treatment into my hair and let sit for about 7 minutes. I rinsed with cool water.
(4) Air dry- I decided to go heat free again this week so I let my hair air dry 85% then applied my leave ins and detangled.
(5) Leave-ins- It's a 10! and Chi Silk infusion. No SSKs! Woot!

All of the hair from the entire
 wash process including pre & post detangling
Results: Beautifully moisturized and soft, big fluffy hair and the smallest amount of hair shed during a wash day in about a year! I'm not sure if this is a fluke or not, but I'm excited. I haven't done much differently except, I've been applying Philip Kingsley Flaky/Itchy Scalp Toner mid week to my scalp (Without fear of reverting my roots) and being sure that I detangle and moisturize at least every other day. I just hope that this trend continues!

How was your wash day? Do you have a mini wash day routine?

Un mil besitos!


  1. that's the smallest amount of hair shed I'v ever seen in my life haha !!!
    hope you enjoyed your wash day !!

    1. *BIG smile* I was quite giddy cleaning out my shower drain! Fingers crossed that this isn't a fluke and I end up with a small rodent in my drain next wash day! Thanks for following the blog!


    2. loool you're welcome !!
      It's an interesting one !!
      As soon as I get some free time, I'll read all your post from the begining haha !


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