Saturday, February 02, 2013

Quick Wash Day 2/1/13

Hola Luvs!

So, I did a quick wash day that ended up being an overnight process! But I really want to keep my scalp extra clean this winter and my hair moisturized!

(1) Pre-poo: Warm EVOO on my scalp and Emergencia Coconut Conditioner on length of hair. Placed cap on and sat around for 1 hour. I was sleepy...

(2) Shampoo/Cowash: Co-washed with Nothing but Clensing Conditioner (honestly, you can co-wash with any conditioner but I have been giving this one a try!). Personally, I am not a huge fan, I think it is the culprit in making my hair feel kinda greasy/heavy...IDK, maybe I will try it just on my scalp primarily next time, with another conditioner on length of my hair... (like a review said)

(3) Protien Treatment with Aphogee 2 min Reconstructor (Oo that smell...Oo Nexxus, how I miss you! But I refuse to product overload lol)

(4) DC : Oo faithful, Baba de Caracol for a roughly 30 mins. I was really tired lol .. I will be rotating a new DC into my hair regimen soon...decisions...I was using organix moisturized treatments here and there but I think I definitely need one more DC staple..
My hair is just below my shoulders, maybe further if I was reaching up for picture lol

(5) Leave-in: I further detangled with my wack comb ..but I PURCHASED THE COMB KLP LOVES! :D Then I sprist a little Aphogee Leave-in with Keratin (I think I liked it more without..but uhmm time shall tell), Philip Kinglesy Scalp Toner  on my scalp, Organix Nourishing Coconut Milk Anti-Breakage Serum and a lil PM Super Skinny Serum

Pinned my hair in bun, tied my ends down with silk scarf.....and you guessed it! Went to sleep :D lol

Results: My hair felt more greasy than normal and thicker. I think it was the product for my cowash this time around. I definitely have 2-3 inches of new growth...sooo that relaxer is looking pretty nice...

I did a quick twist on slide and pin up! Work day with kids!

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