Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Reader Q&A

My typical shed hair
Q: How much do you typically shed each day?
A: Great question! I finally remembered to snap a pic of my shed hair after detangling then moisturizing. Whilst, I didn't bother counting each strand. This amount is pretty typical for me lately. I (think) that I suffer from seasonal shedding (in the Spring/Fall) which is why I've been trying to be proactive to try to keep my shedding at a minimal by instilling products and techniques in my regimen to keep my hair on my head and not on the bathroom floor. It's said that most women shed up to 100 strands a day. 

Q: Is your hair colored/highlighted?
A: Nope.  My color is all natural thanks to genes and the sun. My son's hair is auburn (the only thing that he's seemed to pick up from my gene pool!) and my daughter's hair is streaked with blonde highlights.

Q: How long have you been tex-laxing?
A: Since March 2011. My hair is about 90-95% tex-laxed. 

Q: Why do you write in "spang-lish?" (Spanish and English)
A: I blog in the same manner in which I speak. My soul lives in Mexico, my husband is Puertorican, and we proudly speak a mixture of both Spanish and English in our home. (Keyda has a similar heritage) SOS Hair embraces latina culture and loves being a representation of brown skinned, kinky haired, sophisticated Latin women. *steps off soapbox and drops mic* 

We love your questions! Keep 'em coming!

Un mil besitos!



  1. LOL I loved that you blog in Spanglish! I also speak and text a lot of spanglish so it seems normal.

    1. Lo encanto tambien! Different strokes for different folks I suppose. Thanks for following!

  2. you don't shed a lot that's cool !!!
    do you know about the black tea rinse ? or it just don't shed naturally ? (hope I make sense)
    I wish i could speak spanish too =(

    1. I don't shed as much...anymore! I think that weekly tea rinses, using PK Scalp Toner (you can read my pre-review here:, plus 8 minutes of daily mindful meditation to curb stress (8 minutes to change your fate information here: are definitely helping. Thanks for following!

    2. Luvs my PK Scalp Toner but I noticed for me black tea rinses are a extra bonus also! KLP does green tea more so then me but I almost always stick with black tea...funny thing..I was thinking about posting about why I love/need black tea rinses in my life...too come! :D muahz!

    3. I've done a few black tea rinses and they make my hair entirely too stiff (even after a deep conditioning session) It just goes to show that every head is different and you have to listen to what your hair says...not what others rave about.


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