Thursday, February 28, 2013

SOS Protective Styling: Interviewing Edition

Front: Added a lil bump to bangs
WooooooooooooooHooooooooooooooo! I had another interview...This was a final interview! So, I truly hope I have some positive news to share soon with you SOS Divas!

I did a simple yet elegant style with my fave black flower clips :) I have actually seen this style done nicely/bigger with longer hair on Pinterest. I will definitely be playing with the "bun" more so as my hair grows! 

Back: With my flower pins 

Quick How to: 
  1. Place back hair into pony tail. 
  2. Separate from middle of head (without untying the pony tail). Take hair that is out and put it through that space made (like up and over). 
  3. Tuck your ends inside of the pony and pin away. 

What do you think!? What is your interview style!?



  1. Too cute! I'm totally adding this to my 30 second or less protective styling repertoire. Thanks for the inspiration chica!

  2. I love it !!!
    I actually never had an "interview hairstyle" but this one would definitly do it !!
    Do you think it will create the same effect without te flowers ? because I don't have any

    1. Thanks! You gotta have your hair style lol I saw the next person walk in with a pony tail...nothing wrong with a pony tail but not for an interview! lol (in my opinion).. It would still look awesome without the flowers or any hair accessory.. it would look more sleek actually.


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