Tuesday, February 19, 2013

SOS: Protective Styling -- Braiding it up!

Hola Chicas!

I loved KLP protective go-to hair style! Very simple...and it made me think ..what is mine? I have realized that I love a simple twist or french-braid-esque updo style as my go-to protective hair style :)
It is very simple...and I have even mastered it while driving! lol (Do not try...stay safe!) Below is a pic of how I kept my hair for majority of the week. I work with children in an afterschool program...veryyyy active...soo I need some professional but young/fun/manageable so I can comfortably do activities with my chlidren.

Back of it..I clipped it in bun for time!
I simple did two french braids and a bun! I am playing with another braid style (a la Kourtney K.) sooo once I figure that out, look out for a post! :)

Muahz! How do you braid your hair!?

P to the S... I always comb out my hair..I DO NOT sleep with braids unless I will be letting it out next day! :) Less knotss...

Side view

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