Wednesday, February 06, 2013

The Busy Chica's Secret to Staying Motivated

When you look up "busy chica" in the dictionary--you'll see my face. Usually when I'm swamped, the first thing to get bumped from my to-do list is my daily workout. Why? Because compared to quality time with the hubby, the report that I have due by COB that day, and taking my little one's outside to play---exercise just doesn't seem that important. That is---until today. While I was on the way home from a 16 mile 60 minute spin class at 0545, I realized how happy, energetic and less anxious I was. Today, instead of focusing on the physical changes that I want to achieve and the time that it will take until I see them, I'm challenging myself to bask in the immediate incentives that will be allllll mine as soon as my workout is over:

Immediate Incentive #1: Boosting Brain Creativity

According to a study published in Clinical Neurophysiology, 20 minutes of moderate exercise immediately increases attention and cognitive ability. I usually workout in the wee hours of the morning before anything else can distract me. Then I get to work. I've noticed that I do some of my best work in the morning after I break a sweat.

Immediate Incentive #2: Getting social

The friends that sweat together stay together. After battling with your fellow gym rats and boot camp classmates it's super easy to strike up a conversion--you already have something in common: you care about your body's well being.

Immediate Incentive #3: Sleeping Better

Because I workout in the morning, I know that if I don't get to bed at a reasonable hour--I'm already setting myself up for a #fail. I'm also able to fall asleep faster and oddly enough I feel less tired during the day. Plus, I won't have any need to beat myself up for not doing at least one thing solely for me. 

Even when I can't make it to the studio--I can create a studio right in front of my computer. I absolutely adore Fitness Blender's at home workouts on YouTube

Get sweaty!

Un mil besitos!



  1. Love this! Spin class is my absolute FAVORITE! I could do it every day, butt I've been trying to switch up my routines more. I do it now on Thursdays and Saturdays...and YES working out in the morning is always a negative for me! I do good on the weekends, but during the week...NOT HAPPENING!

    1. My hubby thinks that I'm the weirdest because I'm definitely a morning person. I'm up @ 0500 smiling and happy-whilst he's up at 0630 groggy and mad at the world! Ha-ha! The instructors at my studio change the spin routine everyday and they are always pushing you to give more and more. So far (its been 6 weeks--2 class a week), I'm not bored. Weekends---I'd rather be shopping!

      Stay Motivated love!

  2. I love Fitness Blenders! Quick and Efficient.


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