Saturday, February 23, 2013

Wash Day

Hola Chicas!

Some tidbits: This was suppose to be a lengthy wash day however it turned into a super quick one. As I prepooed my hair, my friend called about a Master Class taught by Beyonce's Choreographer (at least one of them hah!) and I could not resist. Down fall was I had leave in an hour ....and you know it takes looonnnnggerrr than an hour for the process of SOS DIVA HAIR CARE lol. Anyhoo... I made due and I gotta did not turn out soo bad and I plan on putting some satin mesh rolos in my hair tonight!

(1) Detangled with Magic Rake Comb (2) Prepoo: JBCO, Essential Oil mix (warmed) on my scalp and Emergencia Intensive Moisture with Coconut/EVOO on length of my hair with a warm washcloth under cap (3) Shampoo: KeraCare Hydrating Shampoo on my scalp mainly and then PM Wild Ginger all over 2nd time (4) 2 min Aphogee protien treatment (5) DC: Baba de Caracol and Organix Renewing Moroccan Argan Oil  Moisturizing treatment (literally was on my head for as long as I cleaned up hehe) (6) Leave-ins: (Dried with 100% cotton t-shirt) Aphogee with Keratin and green tea, Organix Coconut Serum,  and PM Skinny Serum

I actually light blow dried my hair so it wouldnt be wet as I danced....yuckky... but I left it semi-damp so it could air-dry!

My Reality: I really wanted to do a black tea rinse and sit longer with DC but ah wells... My hair came out super soft and little shedding/no tangles :D My scalp felt 10 times better and it didnt itch once during dance class! There are no pics to post :( but I shall be going to a Jewelry/Art Convention Tomorrow... I will be posting about their lovely hair accessories/showing my style!

How quick have you had to whip your hair together!?




  1. Queen Bey master class? I would have skipped a wash day to do that! How are you liking JBCO?

  2. YEAAASSSSS!! Next time I hear of a Master Class in have to come with! :D And I like JBCO... it is super still figuring out how I want to add it into my regimen..uhmm

    1. JBCO is definitely super thick. I've been using it in my pre-poo and then sometimes mid-week, I'll use it during a scalp massage. While it can make parting and styling my hair a little challenging, I have noticed that my roots stay moisturized. Gift and curse I guess. Hopefully, I figure out a useful place for it in my regimen other wise it'll land in my ditched product graveyard.


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