Monday, February 25, 2013

Your Hair On: Sweat

Sweat isn't the enemy

AIDS Run 2k12
Don't pretend like you've never heard this one before. (Ha-ha!) Once upon a time, circa 2000, I would avoid strenuous activity like the plague. Not only did I believe that I could sweat out a "perm" but so did all of my friends. Puffy roots were signs of defeat. We'd halt gym time if anyone dropped a bead of sweat and ditch the club early if it got to crowded and/or hot. It was a very serious matter. I'm not ashamed to admit it.

Fast forward to the present--now I'm all about the sweat life. I adore my 60 minute spin classes twice a week and live for Pilates and cardio-kick boxing once a week. I trained for almost 6 months in 2012 for my first 5K and I'm counting down the days until I can get more daylight so that I can get to pounding the pavement again. When I don't work out, my brain feels congested and my body balance feels out of lined. I get tons of questions on how to keep your hair smooth and sleek while working out. My answer is super simple: pull your hair back into a bun and put on an elastic head band. Post workout, smooth your hair back and tie down. Boom. When I go heat free, it's even easier--my hair can frizz up all it wants to. When you can't beat 'em--join 'em.

Why I'm On Team Sweat
  1. Healthy Body: Sweating helps prevent sickness. According to the the Office of Minority Health Services, in the U.S. about four out of every five African-American women are overweight or obese. Obesity can lead to serious health problems like heart attack, stroke and diabetes. I love my hair--but I love my body just a tad bit more.
  2. Healthy Skin: Sweating detoxifies skin releasing build up in pores. Frequent, sweat sessions help maintain clean and clear skin.
  3. Healthy Hair: Ay, You've been waiting for this one. How can having puffy roots be good for the hair you ask? Exercise increases blood circulation all over. Including to your brain and to your scalp. And increased blood circulation can equal faster growth. Need.I.Say.More.
So when I sweat, I actually don't think about my puffy roots or a "ruined style." I think about getting fit, entrenching in my little ones that being healthy is cool and claro que si growing long flowing tresses. Keep sweating. *in Dos Equis guy voice* (don't judge me!)

Un mil besitos



  1. Lol@ "We'd halt gym time if anyone dropped a bead of sweat and ditch the club early if it got to crowded and/or hot." The only problem I have in this regard is that I sweat in my hair, even more so when I exercise...eeeh

    1. Ay! Most of my friends at the time where heat straightened naturals so they ran at the thought of moisture ruining their hair!

      I don't sweat as much (at least its not enough for me to fret) in my hair. When my hair is straight and I don't want to bun, I'll roll a couple of tightly coiled pin curls into my hair then pull on an elastic head band. So even though the middle of my hair might curl up my edges still look relatively smooth with I take the pin curls out.


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