Friday, March 15, 2013

Clean Hair... Clean Face

Hola Chicas!

As I sit and watch the new model series "The Face" (yesss... I got hooked lol), I started to think...Do I have the face!? lol Honestly, I just realized that I care about taking care of my face as much as I do with my hair. So, I am offering a few tidbits about my face regimen!

The FACE regimen:

A. NO Caffeine! I know..I know..for some of you coffee drinkers this maybe difficult..but I try my best to not drink any caffeine (aka soda!). I have noticed that when I slack off on this, I have A LOT more breakouts. So, stay away! And remember..WATER IS BETTER!

Clean face! Bye Winter!
B. Mindful of Hair Products! I pay attention to the oils and products that I place in my hair because they can run into my face. I have a sensitive face so certain products can break me out more easily than others. So, you must be mindful of the ingredients in your products.

C. Weekly Face Wash/Mask! I try my best to give myself a mask weekly (when necessary) and wash my face daily/every other day. My staple products come from the line of Neutrogena. My wash/mask comes in one.. Neutrogena Clear Pore! Believe will notice a difference..I have been using this product forever!

D. Zap them! If you get a bump, try your best not to pick at it. You will leave blemishes on your face y no bueno! I personally use my ULTIMATE ZAPPER, Clean and Clear Advantage Acne Spot Treatment :D This is heaven literally, put a dab on and vaaalaaa, it's gone! You seriously, just can wipe it away!! But, if you must poke at it..WASH your hands,and once you zap it, clean your face immediately. Then place a dab of Clean and Clear Advantage Popped Pimple Relief on spot and boom! No blemish!

E. Dab it dry! Do not rub your face when getting out of the shower. Always pat your face dry with a towel.

I will definitely be sharing other ways I take care of my face and any natural remedies that I use as well in future. Remember, to pay attention to products you use on your face! I have learned that some products for a "clear" face actually break me out more. So, if you have a sensitive face you may want to try Aveeno or more natural products. Also, less is more, I do not wear make-up daily but I have to for dance performances wear pounds of it! If I do wear makeup, I focus on my eyes and always ALWAYS clean my face completely afterwards.

How do you take care of your face!?



  1. Love love love love this post I put everything in Amazon haha xoxo will follow u

    new blog here

    1. Lol thankss for following! Will check out your blog!

  2. No caffeine? O.M.Goodness. I think that you are asking for a little too much Keyda! Ha-ha! Great tips!

    1. Lol...never too much! You said you wanted to drink more water!! :)

    2. I have been drinking tons more water. But if I go without my afternoon coffee, I'll be a zombie!


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