Sunday, March 03, 2013

Mini Wash Day

Notes: I'm on track to end this stretch on a 4 week no heat run. I haven't gone no heat for more than 2 weeks at a time in ages. I'm definitely enjoying coming up with new styles. To test to see if my mini wash #success was a fluke, I skipped pre-poo and shampooing again this week. The picture below shows all the products that I used in the order that they were used.

Mini Wash Day Products
(0) Detangled with mMagic Star Jumbo Rake in vertical sections. 
(1) Extreme Deep Condition: Applied Philip Kingsley Flaky/Itchy Scalp Toner and my essential oil blend to my scalp, JBCO, and Joico Moisture Recovery Conditioner to the length of my hair. Then I coated my strands in extra virgin coconut oil watched a movie under my new heating cap for about two hours. 
(2) Green Tea Rinse with 2 tea bags and 2 cups of water in a narrow tip applicator bottle. I let the rinse sit on my hair for about 5 minutes. I'm in love with this technique! Its so much easier and it prevents me from having to disturb my roots. Using this technique instead of just pouring the cooled tea over my head, makes me feel like I'm getting the rinse on my scalp--which is where I really want it to be!
(3) Smoothing Treatment- massaged Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Daily Treatment into my hair and let sit for about 7 minutes. I rinsed with cool water.
90% Air Dried Texlaxed Hair
(4) Air dry- I let my hair dry 80% in a cotton t-shirt, then tie down my edges with a silk scarf to complete drying. Next, I detangle and add my leave-ins.
(5) Leave-ins- It's a 10! and Chi Silk infusion. I found two SSKs but they were teeny-tiny and took a minute or two to unravel.

Results: Beautifully moisturized and soft, big fluffy hair and very little shed hair. AGAIN! So, that's two weeks in a row. Mini wash #ftw. I wonder if my extreme deep conditioning with the heating cap is helping my strands get super moisturized? Hmm...
Here's a pic of my shed hairs from this wash day separated this time into pre-wash detangle, shower shedding, and post-wash detangling. I enlarged the photo to show the size, but included a British 50 pence for comparison. The 50 pence is about the size of an American quarter. (I couldn't find a quarter to save my life. Ha-ha! My daughter firmly believes that all coins belong in her piggy bank. After 20 minutes of searching, I just gave up and used this coin leftover from my hubby's travels abroad) Random note: I love playing around in my curly roots. It kinda makes me want to through caution to the wind and wait another couple of weeks before I relax---or maybe not relax at all. *Gasp*
Shed Hair: Pre-wash detangle, Shower shed, & Post-wash detangle

How was your wash day? Does going natural ever cross your mind?

Un mil besitos!


  1. I have been looking every where for that Paul Mitchell's smoothing treatment... did you buy it online?

    1. Ironically, I found it under my suegra's bathroom cabinet months and months ago. This liter bottle has lasted for ages. I've seen it for sale at CVS, Walgreens, and of course online. You should also check your local grocery store's beauty aisle.

  2. Hair looks really fluffy :-)
    I love sealing in my deep conditioners too. Gives me much better results than mixing the oils directly with the DC


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