Sunday, March 10, 2013

On Deck: Bad Habit Detox

Bad Habit Detoxing
If you are looking for long-term dramatic results in your healthy hair journey, a little (or a lot of) sacrifice is required. To get the results that you want, its no secret that you have to put in work. It's not supposed to be easy, but it is possible. With that said, I have a terrible awful secret to share.

Flat Iron Addiction
Whilst digging around for photo for video that I'm putting together for my grandparent's 50th anniversary, I found a few pictures from the beginning of my HHJ. I was excited to see the progess but I realized I've hovered in BSL land for entirely too long now. And I've decided that I'm officially I'm over it. Yes, I started with over-processed thin ends. I gradually trimmed away at those. Yes, I had a terrible setback last year with shedding. I gradually trimmed away at that. However, I don't think those issues are the real problem. Up until a few weeks ago, I had a secret love affair with my flat iron Robby. (Yes, my flat iron has a name. We in a judgement free zone chicas!) More often than not, I would flat iron once a week only on wash day. Almost. every. wash. Eek! I actually felt like it was an accomplishment because before I started my journey I would flat iron once a day; sometimes more if I wanted to touch up my roots before an event or outing. (Which is why my hair was a mess to begin with!) 
November 2010
July 2011
November 2011

Whilst, ignorance was bliss, knowing that you are doing something to undermine your long-term goals just seems--well---loca! I want MBL this year. Therefore, I need to want to: freeze, put down Robby, and back away slowly with my hands in the air.

Bad Habit Detox
With all that said, I've gotta detox this bad habit. I really want to see how long I can go without whipping the flat iron out. For the last few weeks, I've ditched sleek tresses for fluffy air dried hair and it wasn't that bad. No seriously--It really wasn't! I hope to start detoxing after my next relaxer at the end of March. Can I go a full stretch (12-16 weeks) without using the flat iron? *Sigh*...I sure hope so. So here's the catch, I can't do this detox alone. I'd go mad! Please send all the air drying tips, detangling tricks, and styling tutorials that you got my way! I'm totally gonna need it!

You in?

Un mil besitos



  1. hey klp,
    have you tried air drying with two ponytails?
    When I was stretching for 7 months last year I just put my hair in to big ponytails, so that my new growth could dry "flat" ant not that puffy.
    maybe this could be an option for you
    I wish you good luck on staying away from flat ironing for 12 weeks
    *finger crossed*

    1. Bebe, that's a great idea! I've never tried that way. Thanks for la suerte I'm going need it.

  2. I'm with you girl! This year I am only flat ironing on relaxer day which will equal out to 4 times a year. So far I have flat ironed once this year, and it's kind of like a treat. The next time I flat iron will be for my one year anniversary and relaxer. On my page every wash day there is some type of low-manipulation style- if all fails u can always rock a braid out!

    1. YAY! I'm so thankful for company in this detox. I sat in front of my mirror this morning so frustrated y would I was going to do to my hair for church! My roots are ruling!

      I'm totally going to get on a braidout kick after my next relaxer. I just gotta stay motivated for sure!

      Thanks for following!

  3. I recently started doing ponytail roller sets where I put my hair in several little pony tails and roll each with a magnetic roller. it helps to stretch out my new growth that way I can avoid flatironing my roots. Good luck on your detox. You got this girl! :)

    1. Thanks Andrea. That's a great idea too! What's the most weeks post relaxer have you been able to successfully use this technique?

    2. I've only just recently started to use this technique. I had been texlaxing since October with a mild relaxer. My roots were soooo thick that it felt like I hadn't relaxed at all so I didn't know what to do with my hair. I tried this technique maybe a month ago and I think it made my hair much more manageable. I was able to finger comb with ease and plan to continue the techniqe for this stretch.

    3. I'll definitely try this technique in a few weeks to see how my hair does with it. It's probably not a good idea to attempt on 12 weeks post relaxer hair for the first time. Ha-ha!


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