Thursday, March 21, 2013

Reader Q&A

October 2010
Q: I noticed in your "Imperfect Progress" section that your hair grew a ton from 2010-2011. What was your regimen then?
A: I started my healthy hair journey in late 2010 with shoulder length (SL) hair. Unhappy with my ridiculously thins ends, I started tex-laxing in the beginning of 2011 then spent the rest of the year snipping away at my over-processed length. My regimen then is much the same as today; focusing on keeping my moisture levels up, shedding down, and styling with care. (You can check out my regimen here).

Q: Have you ever been natural or have any desire to grow out your hair without chemical relaxers?
A: Si, claro---(Even excluding childhood) I've had "natural" hair as an adult. When I was in college, I discovered the flat iron and forgot allllll about needing to relax my hair to get it straight. Without even realizing it--I went for 2 years without a relaxer. So, I guess that you could say that I was heat-addicted naturalista. As you probably guessed, I had some seriously heat damaged hair. I didn't even know what "heat protectant" was, I cranked my flat iron as high as it would go 400degrees+, and I would flat iron multiple times a day. I got a neck length cut then I went back to the relaxer and decreased my flat ironing to una vez per day. *hangs head* 
Would I ever kick tex-laxing to the curb? Hey, anything is possible. I do love my super curly roots and I've been told that "natural hair" looks "good on me"---whatever that mess means. However, for the time being? The answer is no. Tex-laxing gives me the thickness, strength, and overall health that bone straight relaxed hair lacked with a greater ease of straightening which "natural" hair lacked. Best of both worlds! Now that I'm truly detoxing from the flat iron, lots of folks have asked if I've hopped on the "natural" band wagon. The answer is: "No!! Let me live!"

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