Friday, March 01, 2013

SOS: Protective Styling- Jazzy Faux Bob

 The next installment in SOS hair's Only Minutes to Win It protective styling series is here! "Minute to Win It" protective styles will be created on heat free (when you don't have time to do rolos or whip out that flat iron) and air dried tresses. ¡Pues claro!, you'll be able to recreate in just a few simple steps with only a few hair pins, some moisturizer, and less than 5 minutes. After all, we only have minutes to win it!

Jazzy Faux Bob:
Minute to Win it: Jazzy Faux Bob

Quick How to:
  1. Detangle and moisturize your hair.
  2. Split from ear to ear. Pull the back half of your hair into a quasi-roll or extra large pincurl. Then use a large bobby pin to secure the roll on each side. This technique creates the "faux bob" look.
  3. Part the front section into a deep side part. Pull the largest section (only) towards your face then braid starting at the roots and down to the ends. (This will take a little practice)
  4. Flip the twist back then secure with a bobby pin in the direction of your opposite ear.
  5. Pull the last section towards your face and flat twist starting at the roots and down to the ends. 
  6. Flip back this final twist and secure with a bobby pin.
You can vary this style by adding double strand or flat twists to the front. Don't forget to add accessories. Most of my protective styles have "legs." Meaning that once you've mastered it, you can change up small pieces of the puzzle and create a completely different style! I love faux bobs because it frees my hair from the bun, but still allows me to protect my ends. Ironically, every time that I sport a faux bob, people think that I've cut my hair!


Un mil besitos!  


  1. I am soooo stealing!! :D Super CUTE!! Such a Diva! (PS... Im tempted to cut for realz lol but Im holding out!!)

    1. Microtrim first, then give yourself a week to think about that cut.

      Glad that you're stealing this style. Its a good one!

  2. i wish my hair could be that long lool

  3. I was just thinking I needed to do something with the ends of my air dried/ or braidouts. For awhile now it urks me to have the ends of my hair rubbing against my coats/scarves/bags, so now I going to try your faux bob. Thanks girl!

    1. No problem! Faux bobs are super cute with the added texture from a braidout! Be sure to post pics!


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