Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Spring is here! Spring is here!

Today is officially the first day of Spring. While most folks are shedding their Winter hats, gloves and scarves, I'm sitting here wondering if my shower drain will be clogged with tons of shed hair. Since, it's unlikely that I'll be able to prevent myself from shedding this Spring, just like most furry animals can't prevent themselves from growing a winter protective coat, here's how I've been proactive:
  • Tea rinsing- Who knew that my favorite morning drink could save my hair too? Teas have astringent and antioxidant properties that can clear up scalp issues and heal irritation. The caffeine in stimulates the scalp, increases blood flow, and thus allows strands to be properly fed by the body. (You can read more benefits of tea rinsing here)
  • Philip Kingsley's Scalp Toner- I first discovered this leave-in treatment in Glamour last year. This toner boosts that it is anti-microbial and anti-flaking which provides immediate and long lasting relief from irritation. Although I don't feel that my scalp is irritated,  I believe that a healthy scalp produces healthier strands. I've been using this product at least once a week for 2 months now. (You can read my {pre}product review here)
  • Mindful Meditation- Chronic stress has been linked to depression, weight gain, high blood pressure and even hair loss! I'm pretty much always spread thin. Who isn't? In February, I started taking a few minutes out of each day to just breathe and think about nothing. My hope is that over time this brain exercise will retrain my brain so that its less reactive to tension, will decrease stress and hopefully decrease my chances of a massive shed. (Here's more information on mindful breathing)
Will any of these techniques or products help? So far so good. I suppose that I won't have a verdict until summer hits, however I rest assured that I've truly done my due diligence.  

Have you noticed an increase in shedding with the seasons changing? 

Un mil besitos!


  1. Mindfulness meditation is so amazing if the habit is maintained. I have a bad habit of starting, gaining the benefits then stopping. I have to become more consistent.

    1. Ah...consistency gets me in trouble every time. You're totally not alone with that one Nadege


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