Saturday, March 23, 2013

Staying Motivated, Work Out Goals

Was a 2013 goal... TO STAY IN SHAPE/GET IN SHAPE!? lol Well one of my goals was to work out more, however as we end March soon (CRAZYY!)..I realize I have not been doing as spectacular with this goal.

My goal was to work out more consistently and to stay healthy..I started off STRONG but after long hours at work and stressful situations, I have not been working out really at all!  The only good things is I have been dancing weekly, but with our company on hiatus this season....I need more hours of workout..This will all change this week, I will be getting back in the game and staying consistent!

Here's How:

(1) I bought a calendar so I can keep track of my classes and schedule, so things do not conflict.

(2) Continue Dancing weekly, possibly add more classes. Dance has been the best thing ever for my body..even if you are not a "dancer", I would recommend classes like beginner modern/ballet because they focus on your cord strength more-so than any other type of dance...basically..killer legs! :)

(3) Start my Jiu-Jitsu Classes... YESS! I will be taking two classes a week to get in tip-notch shape and learn how to kick butt! lol

(4) Consistently do my ABSSTACTIC workout everyother day hehe.. There is a rotation of crunches I do..back-to-back..that keep my stomach in hardcore shape for swim suit season! I will definitely share a video soon!

These are just a few things I have set in stone to make sure I stick with my goal! I will also stay thing about a blog is you have to be honest! :D I do not need cardio much (aside from for my heart lol) but my focus is on keeping a tone/fit body.

Have you kept up with your workout goals!? How are you working out!?




  1. More power to you! I have been contemplating working out for over a year. I just cannot bring myself to do it.

  2. I started bodycombat a few weeks ago and I love it! Now if only I could turn down dessert...


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