Sunday, March 17, 2013

Wash Day

Hola Chicas!

Some Tidbits: I rotated three new products in my regimen (Keeping up with my goals!) to test out and see if they have what it takes to be a "staple"! I also did a overnight airdry due to the time (I was sleepy!) and I realize that my hair does not dry as softly as I like when I just bun it and wrap it up for the night. I think for my hair, it has to air dry completely if I want to really see the softness....uhmmm. I shall be on watch lol

(1) Detangle with my magic comb (5600 Hercules Sagemann)!
(2) Prepoo with JBCO/My Essential Oil mix on my scalp, and Organix Moroccan Argan Oil Moisturizing Treatment on length of my hair. My oil mix has peppermint, rosemary, vitamin E, eucalyptus and it always feels extra tingly! :)
(3) I skipped out on a Tea Rinse this wash... I am looking to buy different teas that are beneficial for my hair so I rotate that into my regimen..Any ideas?
(4) Cowashed with Nexxus Hydra-Light Weightless Moisture Conditioner (NEW!! REVIEW COMING!)...I must say.. is this too good to be true!? I shall be using it again before my official review..but my hair felt soo soft and strong after using it..and the texture itself was light and not super thick..
(5) DC with CHI Deep Brilliance Moisture (New..Review Coming!) and sealed with grapeseed oil (Thanks! KLP!)...then waited............... lol. I am on the fence about this conditioner...I am not a fan of the smell and my hair didn't seem super soft but it did feel strong..idk..I will give it another go before fully reviewing!
(6) Leave-ins were Nexxus Hydra-light Weightless Moisture Root Lift Mist (NEW!! REVIEW COMING!) and sealed it with Chi Silk Infusion..

Hair Reality: My hair was soft and healthy..I am definitely 5 going on 6 weeks post-relaxer lol. I am so tempted to pull out the blow dryer but I shall stay no heat. However, I had no tangles/knots and avg. amount of shedding. My hair was very manageable while wet and as it air dried! I have been experimenting with some cute styles (post them soon!) so my concern is ensuring I have little to no breakage as I manipulate my hair. I want to make sure my products are strengthening my hair while moisturizing it! Oooo aren't we all... lol

This is how I styled my hair afterwards! I had it completely different...but through frustrated..I left it like this lol

Princess Leila-esque! lol

How have you styled your hair after a wash!?



  1. How cute! Love the rhinestones!

    I used to air dry over night until I realized that my hair looks and feels smoother when I air dry at least 90%, detangle, then moisturize and seal. I wonder why that is?


  2. Thanksss ! And yeaaa i dont kno what it is about overnight.... #teamnoheat :)

  3. How cute! I love the little bows :)


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