Sunday, March 10, 2013

Wash Day

Hola Chicas!

I had a verryyyy loong week..ahh .. you know!? one of those weeks, you begin to see it in your face and feel it in your body. But I did not want to forget my goals, so I made sure to make time for my hair!
My tidbits: I really did a bad job of detangling throughout the week. So, I had a significant amount of shedding throughout my detangling process for my wash day compared to previous weeks. I have to remember (as many of us do) that just because your week is long or stressful, we can not forget to do some basic procedures for the care of our hair!

(1) Detangled with my mighty Magic Star Comb (5600 Hercules Sagemann)
(2) Prepooed with Essential Oil blend/JBCO on scalp and Emergencia Intensive Moisture Split Ends Conditioner on length of my hair
(3) Shampoo with Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Wild Ginger Lather Shampoo (Check my review!)
(4) Black Tea Rinse with two bags and two cups of water. I placed it in a bottle with nozzle top so I can easily squeeze on my hair and scalp!
(5) Deep Conditioned with Organix Moroccan Argan Oil Intense Moisturizing Treatment for roughly 40 minutes (no heat).
(6) Leave-ins: Aphogee Keratin and Green Tea Restructurizer, and Organix Coconut Anti-breakage Serum 

Used 100% cotton shirt for excess water in hair and Air Dry 100%


Air Dry: Tie my ends down and Clipped Bun in back

My Hair Reality: My hair was silky soft and very manageable. I am 4 weeks post-relaxer and have not used heat since straightening my hair after my relaxer!! I am hoping to stretch with no heat until my next touch-up. Wish me luck!! So, keep checking for more Minute to Win It Style Posts!! I gotta get creative lol

How did your wash go this week!?



  1. I'm glad that you made time for yourself in the midst of everything that's going on! #teamnoheat thanks for joining me on the flat iron no heat detox mi amor

    How do you like Emergencia?

    1. I really like it! I find tho, that I will prob use my chi silk fusion when I use it! So, there is not soo much coconut in my hair that wash lol.. but I shall try it as a DC also and review about it soon! :D Thanksss mi amor!

      PS.. I bought some awesome hair accessories soo I am ready to keep pushing for #teamnoheat!

  2. I'm team no heat too. The only heat I get on my hair is relaxer days and those are every 3 to 4 months now. I need to find a new protective style though so I'm going to go back through your quick styles to see if my hair will play nice. The low manipulation flexi sets aren't working anymore cause some of my hair is now long enough that when the curl falls it's hitting my shoulders and thus defeating the purpose of keeping my ends up.

    1. I hope I can make it for as long as you do! Definitely check out the styles, they are easy/manageable. Also, when I have curls, I will clip them up -almost like ponytail esque and have them fall from a higher position or off the side. I should prob post some of my curl hair styles lol.. but yeaa when they fall, Im like NOOOO lol

      Good luck! Thankss for following! Definitely share if you figure out some styles or techniques for your hair when curls fall :D

  3. Yay for no heat!!! #Winning! I keep hearing great things about that Emergencia also.

  4. I too am trying not to use heat anytime soon. I am trying to make it until September when I do a length check and trim. That is the goal, but not sure if I will make it that long!


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