Saturday, March 09, 2013

Who Goin Check Me Boo?

KLP & Keyda Circa 2010
Revisiting 2013 Goals

Neither of us are monthly hair goal setters. I mean, we could, but I'm sure that we'd forget! However, we can (and do) set yearly goals and dreams for our hair. Even though our healthy hair journey is a revolving door of self monologues in front of your bathroom mirror (and via SOS Hair),  it's important to us that we hold ourselves accountable. After all, the choices and decisions that we make about our hair are ours alone. #Success or #Fail. It's really all in our hands.

KLP's 2013 Hair Goals:
  1. Length. After my shedding fiasco last spring, I want to implement some products or techniques to prevent shedding this year and hopefully I'll be MBL by the end of the year. Check!
  2. Trimming. I cut over 6 inches of my hair last year. This year, I hope to only micro-trim on relaxer days. In progress--I'll trim after my next relaxer
  3. Relaxing. I'm about 90% tex-laxed now. Last year, I stretched for 16-20 weeks a time. But I think that these super lengthy stretches may have caused more breakage than I'm comfortable with. This year, I want to reduce the number of weeks between relaxers to 12 and a max of 16 weeks. In progress--I'm currently 11 weeks post and intend on relaxing at 14 weeks.
  4. Moisture. Moisture. Moisture. I want to shop for a creamy moisturizing leave-in conditioner for daily moisturizing and sealing. Then I want to be sure to do an extreme deep condition at every wash day. (Extreme Deep conditioning layers an oil over the conditioner covered with a plastic cap and then under indirect heat for at least 30 minutes before rinsing with cool water) Check!
  5. Journaling. I've maintained an offline healthy hair journal since 2010. I've considered blogging tons of times, but I'm a very private person. But I'm finally challenging myself to step outside of my comfort zone. (With the help of my hair bestie and co-author of SOS Hair Keyda) Check!
  6. Styling. This year I'm going to be all about the protective styling. Although, I love feeling my hair flowing in the wind, running after two little ones, makes that simply impractical most days. I want to create tons of go to styles for when I'm short on time. Check! Thanks to the Minute to Win It Series
  7. Sweating. I know. This sounds bizarre, but I noticed that when I was on my workout grind, my hair grew like a weed! Plus, my body benefited too! I want to commit to at least 3 times a week for 30 minutes. Double Check! I've been putting in sweat up to 5 times a week for 60 minutes. 
Keyda's 2013 Hair Goals:
  1. Make Goals. Journaling. I know...I know..How can that be a goal!? Well, to be honest, I have always been so "wishy-washy" with direct goals! But with help of my HAIR MENTOR/Co-author KLP, I have realized that I can only see progress with my hair if I make goals like I do in every other aspect of my life! In progress --I write in my journal weekly and blog now!
  2. Purchase Useful/Efficient Products. I do not want to become a product junky but I do need to increase my "supply cabinet". I want to shop for more helpful products that help growth and retain length for my hair. In progress--with research and trial/error, I have been purchasing more helpful items!
  3. Self-Relaxing. I have been trying to master successfully relaxing my hair on my own without salon help. My hair is also texlaxed due to a long stretch but I will be also reducing my weeks in-between relaxers. In progress-- I went 10 weeks before my last relaxer (by myself) and plan on doing the same.
  4. Trimming. I hope to successfully trim my ends on relaxer days. In progress--however, I plan on getting my hair professionally cut soon.
  5. Moisture. Protein. Moisture. I want to develop and strengthen a good balance between protein and moisture treatments. I also want to truly do more Extreme Deep Conditions and find a solid 2nd deep conditioner. In progress!
  6. Styling with less/no heat. I lived with my flat iron last year and those before. However, I plan on utilizing my flat iron less to not at all this year. In progress--Look at our Minute to Win it Series.
  7. Length. I have not kept a keen eye on my length always. I have always just let my hair grow and then cut it really short, and do it all over again! However, I plan on growing my hair to BSB or close to it by end of year! In progress --I am currently just below shoulder length! 

How are you accomplishing your 2013 Hair goals?

Un mil besitos!

KLP & Keyda 


  1. I need to get back to making monthly goals. KLP, I definitely feel you about trimming so much of your hair over the past year and doing micro-trims/dustings regularly. I'm going to dust my ends after my next touch up myself. Great post!

    1. Monthly goals are just too much for me to remember. LOL! But I know that I if I check in on my yearly goals regularly, I should be on the right track.

      Thanks to the L4LPSC I haven't even seen my ends straightened in weeks. WOOT!

  2. i total agreee with your 7th goal of sweating, KLP. I need to get my ass up and going back to my workout... just coming back from a 5 hour dancing-night with my bestie and you know what? I have sore muscles because I'm out of shape. this has never happend to me before...

    keyda, i made the same experiences with self-relaxing. one of my 2013 years goal is to cutting my strechting from 5-7 months to 10-12 weeks, too.
    currently Relaxed/Texladed yesterday on 10 weeks post.

    1. Girls night + working out in the process? Two bird, one stone in my eyes! Ha-ha! Whenever I have no motivation to workout, I think about how exercising decreases stress, increases blood circulation, and tones my muscles then I really have no reason not to put in work!

    2. LOL Always good process... but I do what I love to workout! I dance professionally...soo I rehearse alot ..but hey! I am a strong supporter of dance classes (you'll be amazed how you work your body)...and pilates/yoga! I got KLP on the wagon for those hehe but when you do what you doesnt feel forced and your body gets all the benefits!

      Also, yesss..I have pulling for just 10 weeks also.. I just think it does better for my hair..but this year shall be the test! I will keep up with your posts also to see how your relaxing is going!

  3. Great post ladies! I'm thinking an offline journal might be a good idea for me. Sometimes I get a little lazy with keeping up my blog posts and pics, so a journal would be a good backup to keep tracking of what I'm doing, what works, and what doesn't; when I just don't feel like hopping on the laptop. I need to get my concrete goals set as well. I have no idea when I will reach BSL (it seems so far away... lol)

    1. If you keep on trucking you'll reach then surpass your length goals in no time.


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