Tuesday, April 02, 2013

[Review] Just For Me Texture Softener

Price: 6.99 

Purchased at: Sally's (Also available in most grocery stores)

Promises: "Introducing a breakthrough in hair manageability! This naturally gentle product mildly softens curly, coarse or kinky hair while maintaining its natural texture. Contains the exclusive anti-breakage sunflower oil formula to prevent damage from combing and styling."

Kit Contents:  Relaxer cream, activator, sunflower oil, neutralizing shampoo and moisturizer.

Directions: Complete instructions inside box.

How I use it: To texlax my hair every 12-16 weeks. I mix the entire bottle of activator and sunflower oil into the relaxer cream. I've never used the moisturizer.

My Thoughts: 
First, bear with me---please allow me to step on my soap box, just for a sec:
A. This kit is a relaxer. Period. Please do not be fooled by the packaging and branding that the marketing gurus at Just For Me came up with. Granted, it is a mild relaxer, made milder with the use of sunflower mixed into the relaxer cream. However, it's still a relaxer. The active ingredients are the same ones from typical relaxer systems. If you are natural (ie: your not is not chemically processed) and you are looking for a "curl softener" that doesn't contain chemicals, please do not use this product.
B. It truly does bother me that this product is "marketed" to little ones. To each his own, but my daughter's (who is 3 now) head will never see a relaxer or flat iron until her quince. This is the law in my home. No discussion necessary. Although, not illegal, its not cool to me that JFM seems to try very hard to pretend that this kit isn't a relaxer and play on your "mama trying-to-do betta card." I would not recommend this kit for use on a child. 
Whew---the air was light up there! Ha-ha! On to the review. I just need to stress that this kit is a relaxer. I believe that texlaxing is a technique---not a product. I've used this kit since 2006. Back then--I used it to relax bone straight. Today, because I've changed my technique, my results are texlaxed. I'm reviewing this relaxer because I get tons of questions asking which system I use.

For touch ups, I usually need two kits, because I have 2-3 inch roots.  I apply the relaxer to only my roots (never the previously relaxed section) with a sprush and use my fingers to smooth. My total application and smoothing time is 9 minutes (I always use a timer). I rinse thoroughly and massage in a protein treatment (not kit contained. My favorite mid-relaxer protein conditioner is Nexxus Keraphix). After rinsing the conditioner. I neutralize 3 lathers with the neutralizing shampoo that is contained in the kit plus a 5 minute ACV rinse (Not kit contained. 1 part ACV 3 parts water) just to be ensure that the relaxer has been rinsed away and the chemical process has been stopped. Next, I lather up my strands with a chelating shampoo to remove the dulling minerals deposited by the relaxer (My favorite is Kenra Chelating. Lastly, I always end my relaxer touch up with an extreme deep condition to restore moisture to my hair. I use my favorite deep conditioners (Halka Baba de Caracol or Matrix Biolage Conditioning Balm). I've never used the moisturizer in the kit. Honestly, I have no reason. I just like my products better and I know that they work.

Final Cut: 

I'm more than sure that there are better relaxer kits out there. I've stuck with this kit for this long because my results are predictable, I've never had an averse reaction to it, and I just don't have the courage to try another relaxer system. 

I would definitely recommend to an adult that wants to transition from relaxing bone straight to texlaxing. But please, please, please read the directions---all of the directions. Every. time. You. Relax. Things change and you don't want to have regrets. Non-chemically processed ladies---think long and hard before using this product. The results---whether you love or hate it---are irreversible. 

What's your favorite relaxer system?

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  1. I definitely agree! No kits for my future baby!!

  2. Well im currently transitioning (11 months post) but in the end of my relaxed days (lol) I used the OLIVE OIL kids relaxer lol because it came with more products that could prevent over processing etc.. loving ur blog & im ur newest follower.. xx

    1. Welcome to SOS Hair Yolandaas! Thanks for following!

  3. I've already decided that I would not ever put the creamy crack to my daughters head. That will be her decision to make when she gets older (i.e leaves my house). lol
    This is alwo what I use to texlax but i always add Hempo and Castor oil in addition to the sunflower that's packaged with it. I'm going to try the Mizani butter Bleend for my Next touch up

    1. Since posting this, I've ditched it all together. I just can't agree with their marketing strategy.


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