Monday, June 10, 2013

Bun, Top Knot, Chignon, & Rolls/Twists

Sounds like I'm talking about food right? Or maybe I'm just hungry. Ha-ha! Any who, I get asked a lot what are the differences between a bun, top knot, chignon, and roll. While all four are tend to be used interchangeably, I do think that there are subtle differences between them. Here's the low down on up-dos:

Bun: Your hair is pulled up away from your face, twisted or braided, and wrapped in a circle around itself. Can be on the back of the head or neck. Buns can be worn messy or pulled together depending on your mood.

Top Knot: A cute name for a bun positioned at the very top of your head.

Chignon: Typically a formal, low up-do where your hair is pulled back away from your face. Instead of coiling the hair around itself in a circular motion, chignons have your hair gathered together then tucked under to secure.

French Rolls/Twists: A very neat classic up-do traditionally sitting on the back of the head and twists up from the nape of the neck creating a vertical "roll"

What's your favorite: Buns, Top knots, Chignons, or French Rolls/Twists?



  1. I love all four, but if I had to choose it would be buns and french rolls!

    1. Agreed! I really do love all four. It just goes to show that protective styling doesn't have to be boring!

  2. Really nice braid and twist incorporation!

  3. I'm a bun-aholic! Love them. I especially love the top one. Can you do a tutorial??? I'm a visual learner! :)

    1. Absolutely! That bun was from Day 4 of our "The Bun Effect Series"


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