Wednesday, June 05, 2013

The Bun Effect: Bonus Style

Flower Braided Headband

Quick How-To:

1. Section off bangs (If any) and two medium to large sections on sides of head.
2. Gather hair at side and twist towards center. Securely pin hair. Repeat on other side.
3. Gently pull rest of hair at center to be curled up (like reverse pin curl) and securely pinned at center of head.
4. Separate two sections on sides of head to make 2 braids on both on side. After braiding the strands of hair, pin them securely to hair as you pull them around to back.
Top Side
5. Lastly, place a lovely accessory like a flower to center for style!
(My pics were taken after event lol sooo not as fresh but style lasted! :D)

This style can have various can add more braids, and different accessories. It is elegant but playful!

Woot Woot!



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