Saturday, July 13, 2013

Reader Question: Why do you texlax?

Bantu knots on stretched texlaxed hair
Q: Texlaxing seems counter-productive. Why relax at all?

A: You're right. Sometimes, it feels counter productive. It can be hard to control frizz, you'll encounter some wicked SSKs, and sleek straight hair can require just a tad bit more maintenance than a bone straight relaxed chica. It takes trial-and-error to process your desired texture and just one bone straight relaxer touch up can throw you off. But honestly, right now, my texlaxed hair works for me. I like that my hair is easier to detangle, thicker root to end, and more voluminous. I feel like I have the best of both worlds. If I was completely natural, I'm certain that I would always wear my hair stretched, never in a puff, and at least 90% in an updo (I just get annoyed too easily when my hair is in my way. Ha-ha!). Texlaxing allows me to get the "stretched natural" hair look in half the time or effort that it would take if I didn't relax. 

Thanks for the questions and keep them coming!

Do you feel that texlaxing is counterproductive?



  1. I never looked at texlaxing as's just like a normal relaxer, that you choose to cut the processing time to whatever you want. I think it's a matter of preference. I used to like bone straight, now it is just not for me. I love some texture!

    1. I used to texlax and my hair flourished to great lengths.

    2. Thanks for your comments Aku and Alx!

  2. I agree KLP! If I were natural I would prefer to wear my hair stretched as well. I prefer to see my length. I also love the thickness, but I do sometimes miss my wet wraps with my bone straight hair.


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