Sunday, August 25, 2013

Sunday Healthy Hairology Medley

Here are a few of the weeks best blogs, vlogs, and forum features that we've found about the web. 
  1. Achieving Consistent Texlaxed Results- JustGrowAlready: If you're struggling with different textures in your texlaxed head, Jeni, has some great notes on how to correct it and then keep it consistent. Don't forget to join the JGA forum!
  2. How often should I trim my hair?- Mixedhair: Hi, my name is KLP and I'm an over-trimmer. (Okay, that sounded better in my head...) I struggle with when to whip out the scissors and when to leave well enough enough. Here's Chantelle's take on trimming. 
  3. The Ultimate Guide To Lush's Hair Care Range- shemightbeloved: Georgina is the biggest Lushie that I know! It probably helps that she works there... Any who, I've used Lush's face and body products for years and have wanted to try their hair care line, but not quite sure where to start. If you've new to Lush--print this guide and go find a Lush location. Right. Now.
  4. My "Teyonah Parris Up-do" On Relaxed Hair- hairliciousinc: Nailed it!!! *in high pitched sing-song voice* I shared this do a few months ago with you guys and still haven't had a reason to whip it out(side of my house). Sunshyne has got me smitten all over again! Check out her remake of this gorge do.


  1. I think I have already said this but I heart your Sunday hairology posts, thanks to you I am finding out more hair blogs and also have tried herbal tea rinses and killed my hair length slave :D

  2. Thank you for passing by my blog this week. I tried to respond back but you are a no reply blogger. You can chance that by making your email address visible in your blogger profile. This post is awesome and insightful I have yet to find any loc'ed bloggers that actually keep up with their blogs. Please let me know if you know any.

    The Word of A Nerd

    1. Not a problem Charity! I'll keep my eye's peeled for loc'd bloggers then send links your way! Your blog is stunning!

  3. Thank you so much for featuring my post! It means so much. This is a great idea too, it's nice to discover new blogs :)

  4. Wow thank you for the mention! I do love my Lush hair care! :) xx

    1. No sweat Georgina! I was in Lush Georgetown last weekend. I thought that the salesgirls were gonna loose it when they saw me rocking my knotwrap purse! Ha-ha! I don't mind letting my Lushie Freak Flag Fly!


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