Thursday, September 05, 2013

And the Winner is... (Battle of the Leave-Ins)

Who loves a good hair battle? >>This chica< <  I enjoyed learning more about what my hair needs and wants plus it gave me an opportunity to put my inner product bunny ways to good use. You know---for the benefit of all mankind and stuff like that. Ha-ha! Okay, y'all know that I'm slightly delusional---Just slightly. I know that you guys have got to be sick with product reviews and just want to know who the winner is. But first, I'll recap how all four contenders stacked up against each other: 

Give me boost of moisture that wards of breakage while maintaining my post wash day moisture levels. I'm not looking for wet hair but when my hair is properly re-hydrated the most textured parts of my strand loosen up (read: become elastic) and the straighter sections are sleeker (read: become smooth). 

Ingredients matter. I probably sound like a broken record, but it's true. Water listed first plus the next few ingredients should have sealant properties that would prevent the evaporation of said agua should preventing me from having to re-up daily.

I'm all about soft strands. If a product just sits on top of my tresses and looks back at me stupid---it's not qualified! Give me a silky when spread, thick but creamy consistency leave-in. It's also play nice with my current sealant of choice: butter

I know that this wasn't one of the initial criteria, but we're all ballin on a budget 'round here. The winner in this catergory allowed the most uses by best price per ounce. 
Winner:  Herbal Essences Touchably Smooth ($3.99/8oz)| Not the Winner (because of less uses: Karen's Body Beautiful Hair Nectar ($16.00/8oz)

So who won the war? Drum roll please!!!!

Jessicurl Too Shea!

This was almost too close to call. Jessicurl inched forward and out smarted the competitors in absorption and nourishment while not falling to the bottom of the pack in price per use or hydration. It's multi-facteted; allowing me to use it as a co-wash, deep conditioner, and daily moisturizer. Although I didn't care for the (not so sweet) Island Fantasy scent, they have two other options to choose from. It works the best with my hair butter, and provides some of the best detangling slip around. While I'm totally smitten with Karen's Body Beautiful Hair Nectar, it's price per use was the highest. If Jessicurl ever fails me, this gem will be waiting in the wing. 

I've also decided to keep Herbal Essences in the mix because its just so dang cheap! I bought 6 bottles a few weeks ago for less than 2.50/each. Thank you coupons!

Do you think that Jessicurl has what it takes to beat out Karen's Body Beautiful? Which leave in do or would you lean on?



  1. I just spent 20 minutes in Target today looking at similar products. Never heard of Jessicurl, I have to try that out the next time around!

    1. JC is pretty awesome. I'll do cartwheels once its available in brick and mortar locations near me. Paying for shipping is no fun. Got I've got good news! They're offering free shipping for a limited time. Just enter promo code "FREE" at checkout. I'm not confident when this deal will end so don't beat me with a stick if it doesn't work!


  2. mhm this post really makes me wanna try this jessicurl you and adrienne are raving about.
    I just can't ignore the high price of it...
    I'm still not sure if I should get it or not.

    beside that, this was a great comparison review.
    could you do similar reviews on deep conditioners and moisturizers? that would be nice ♡

    1. The price is high, but the quality is on par and the 8oz bottle of Jessicurl lasted me over 4 months(not including co-washing with it here and there). I can't say that about any of the other products in the battle.

      Ask you and shall be given--we can totally do the same for DCs etc.

      Shhh...this is a little (BIG) secret. We're totally giving you a chance to win a few awesome products from JC. Stay tuned!

  3. thank you for reviewing the things that matter most - moisture and hydration!!

  4. I've never tried KBB although everyone that tries it seems to rave about it. Maybe one day!
    Thanks for sharing your battle :)
    Britt @ One&20

    1. Fingers crossed that she has a FABULOUS sale for the holidays and I can restock my stash! *Speaking that into the hair universe!*


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