Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Foot Loose and Fancy Free Fall

Adios Summer
Can you believe that its almost Fall already? Whilst, I refuse to let go of my midsummer night dreams, I know that its time to get my hair regimen ready the seasonal shift. The leaves aren't the only things changing on the east coast. Here's what I'm doing to prep for the cooler weather:
  1. Chillax On Co-Washing- A little wet hair during the summer's scorching temps is totally welcome. In 50° or less weather---not so much. I love my mid week co-washing sessions, but I want to be extra careful about allocating enough air drying time.
  2. Protect, baby, protect- I've spent most of 2013 in protective styles. Why stop now? I want to continue the trend and keep my ends full and fabulous. Perhaps a Bun Effect Deux is in order?
  3. Snip, Clip, & Trim- I'm a few --eek!--months-- overdue for a trim and length check. Expect to see a length check from yours truly this week.
  4. Steady Diet of No Heat- If it ain't broke then why fix it? I'm in love with my big air dried hair and still committed to this Bad Habit Detox. Aside from this week's check in, I'm not really sure when my straight hair will reappear. 
  5. Keep Shedding at Bay- My follicles are totally susceptible to seasonal shedding. While there really isn't anything that I can do to prevent it (aside from a futile attempt at changing my DNA). I want to keep up my shed bust routine of tea rinsing and mindful breathing.
Anyone else already missing summer? What are your hair plans for this transitional season?

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    1. you have some great plans for your new seasonal regimen! :) I plan to deep condition more often.

      1. Thanks doll! Deep conditioning is key for the dry air associated with frigate temps.

    2. I am so missing summer already! It just hit me when the temperatures dropped 10 degrees over night and the rain started (the usual British weather).
      My plan of action this fall will be M&S and protective styling!oh this weather!

    3. Your plans for the changing season sound great! I'm planning to go into a long term protective style to help with the change!

      1. I toy with the idea of long term ps'ing daily. I've been loving havana twists. Then the thought of not being able to access my hair turns me off. what's a girl to do? Ha-ha!

        Thanks for stopping by chica!


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