Saturday, October 12, 2013

Get More Bang for Your Banana...Clip

Using Banana Clips To Protective Style

I probably about a dozen banana clips in assorted colors. They're quite durable; I actually still use one that I bought in high school on the regular. Ha-ha! When you're short on time, they are a quick way to style your hair, regardless of how your edges, roots, or ends look that day. It doesn't matter if your hair has been heat styled or air dried. Y te preocupes---the messier and effortless the better. Here are 3 of my favorite ways to work a banana clip:
Banana Clip French Twist

Banana Clip French Twist-

This is my to style for freshly washed hair. It allows my roots to be stretched while my ends are kept up, protected, and moisturized.

Quick How To:

  1. Moisturize and detangle hair. (This style was created on 90% air dried hair.)
  2. Create a centre part. Bantu knot two small sections of hair in the front.
  3. Gather and smooth the rest of your hair back. Secure where comfortable with a banana clip. 
  4. Take the ends and roll into a french twist, securing with a long hair pin at the top and bottom of the roll. 
  5. Remove bantu knots after they've set and separate to frame your face.

Bantu Knot Side Tuck-

So your last Bantu knot out was a terrible fail? No sweat, whip out your banana clip for a big, messy side tuck.
Quick How To:  
  1. Moisturize and detangle hair. (This style was created on a busted Bantu knot set.)
  2. Create a side part then gather all of your hair to one side. Leave a few curls in the front.
  3. Secure with your banana clip. Finger fluff and separate curls for a fuller look. 
  4. Tuck all of the ends up with hair pins. 
  5. Pull your the loose curls in the front back, tuck, and secure with hair pins.

Giant Top Knot with Side Swoop-

Giant Top Knot with Side Swoop
This style is perfect if you're looking for that coveted doughy top knot but don't want to use a sock bun. I keep it super messy and super simple.

Quick How To:

  1. Moisturize and detangle hair. (This style was created on straightened hair.)
  2. Create a side part. Bantu knot a section of hair in the front.
  3. Smooth rest of your hair up to the crown of your hair and turn your banana clip horizontal across your head and secure hair. 
  4. Separate strands to fill out clip, then guide hair into a bun around the clip. Secure with hair pins.
  5. Remove bantu knots after they've set and separate to create your curly side swoop.
Do you use banana clips to style your hair?



  1. I do own one banana clip, but I don't use it much. You make me want to relax my hair, though.

    1. The banana clip that I've had since high school has seen better days. Ha-ha! The paint started clipping so I had to scrape it all off to make it look presentable. *shrugs* totally worth the $3 spurge.

      No no no! Don't relax! Your hair is gorge just the way that it is!

  2. I had been trying to figure out from your pic in another one of your posts how you did the French roll. I have banana clips but I usually just do a I guess Mohawk type thing with curls or just straight hair. I never tried a bun style with it. I also wondered how you got the curls in the front. Bantu knots! DUH! LOL! These are some great styles, KLP!

    1. Great minds think alike! I use the banana clip for faux-hawks too! THose little gadgets are super versatile. Creating a bun or french roll/twist helps to protect those ends and looks super chic too!

  3. Great styles!!!
    I need to get back on that banana clip life!
    Britt @ One&20

    1. Ha-ha! Thanks Britt! 30 seconds or less---I'm soooo about that lazy effortless but still cute look right now.

  4. All three are cute!
    Abbi of

  5. Lol your college banana clip!
    I have never tried styling with banana clips but your styles are all super cute. Will definitely stock up on a clip or two

    1. Chica---that banana clip has seen better days but it still works! I'm not trashing it until it doesn't clip anymore!

  6. Yeeeees! I loooove banana clips. So many ladies think that their is too thick for one but I disagree. While I have less density than some, its apparent from your thick head of hair, that the banana clip works for even thick hair. The only banana clip I do not like is the new fangled ones that Goody and Conair (i thin) are making. Instead of being long with a lot of small teeth, they are sort of oval with less teeth. On top of that, they are a hard plastic that easily breaks.

    told you i was bored lol

    1. Man---I forgot all about my banana clip! I might do a style with it next week!


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