Friday, October 18, 2013

Healthy Hair Insight: Hair Porosity, Elasticity, and Texture

Y'all know that I love hair science, but I swear that sometimes I struggle with the terminology. I understand what porosity (how much moisture it can hold), elasticity (how easily it breaks), and texture (how thick it is) are, but navigating how they work together can be confusing. That is---until I discovered this hair DNA road map published in Women's Health Mag a few months ago.

All I needed was one wash day to figure my hair out. I can wrap my hair tie around my hair 3+ times, religiously co-wash every 3-4 days, my hair lacks natural shine, but stretches more than 50% when wet. The result: Thick + Healthy. WH suggestion: CONDITION. *surprised face* "Hydrated thick hair is easier to style and less poufy" Makes total sense!

Take the test and tell me what's your hair's DNA!


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  1. I used that and since I have combination strands, I had two different results: Medium Healthy and Thick Healthy. Interesting.

    1. Girl! I'd take either one of those results!

      Plus, I think that it's easy to get one result one week---depending on your wash day combo---then get another result the following week. For example: My last wash was moisture maxed; I doubt that my hair would have stretched as much if I had used a protein conditioner. Which would have put me in the thick + damaged category. I guess that this shows me that my hair likes more moisture than protein.


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