Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Mini Wash Day

The Mid-week co-washing sessions that I discovered last summer has been a God-send during this latest stretch. Oddly enough, I spend less time detangling even though I wash more, experience less SSKs than I expected at 14 weeks post, and I've had no noticeable increase in breakage. The weather is getting cooler and although my hair dries pretty fast, I don't want to be caught dead amongst the elements on a 40-50ยบ day. Last week, I attempted to skip my mid-week co-wash. I failed. Miserably. No, no seriously. My tresses were about to call the hair police on me! I caved and {sorta} co-washed by rinsing my hair with water then detangling with with a large dollop of Matrix Biolage Detangling Solution. It wasn't perfect--but it allowed me to get to wash day unscathed. 

On with the wash:
Wash Day products

  1. Detangled- with my fingers.
  2. Extreme deep condition- with Philip Kinglsey Itchy/Flaky Scalp Toner and JBCO on my scalp. Next I spritzed a mix CC's Naturals Lavender & Chamomile Tea and Aloe Vera Juice on my dry hair. Then, I added Organix Repairing Awapuhi Ginger Instant Recovery Mask on the length of my hair and sealed the conditioner with coconut oil, covered with a plastic cap and relaxed under my heat cap for a few hours. 
  3. (Aloe) Green Tea Rinse- After rinsing the conditioner, I applied the same mix CC's Naturals Lavender & Chamomile Tea and Aloe Vera Juice to my hair, using a narrow tip applicator to my strands. I let it sit for a few minutes then rinsed.
  4. Smoothing Treatment- with a large dollop of Matrix Biolage Detangling Solution and gently massaged into my strands.
  5. Air Dried- 70% with a cotton t-shirt.
  6. Leave-Ins- a few spritzes of the aloe green tea mix, Jessicurl Too Shea Extra Moisturizing Conditioner, my kitchenista Tangerine Vanilla Whipped Hair Butter, and the "faux" banded my hair to stretch roots while it dried.

The Results: 

Freshly conditioned texlaxed hair
Post wash fluffy air dried bun
This wash day, i experimented with deep conditioning with tea. Remember when I tried daily moisturizing with tea a few months ago? It was sorta a bust; I stopped because I just didn't see a big enough increase in moisture to justify the extra step. In fact, my last week with it left my hair super dry and kinda crunchy. Whilst, I didn't feel like hope was lost, I decided to stop until I figured out a better way. Enter this article about Aloe Tea Rinsing by Jenell and my mini research from moisturizing my straight hair. I thought: Why not combine the two? If I didn't need to wash my hair today, I probably would have stopped after adding the Aloe Tea Sptriz to my hair. It felt so soft and the tight curls at my roots were super springy. After rinsing the deep conditioner, I was delighted with the results: Fluffy, moisturized, and soft hair #ftw! I still can't believe that I didn't hop on the AVJ bandwagon years ago!
How was your last wash day? Have you ever tried deep conditioning with an aloe and/or tea mixture before?



    1. I need to try this Aloe Vera tea rinse. I heard a lot about it on this blog.

      1. I've only done it twice, but so far so good. It's super moisturizing and detangling has been a breeze!

    2. I onced pre-pooed with tea and oil. I actually liked it!

      1. *Big eyes* was it tea steeped in warm oil? Now that sounds cool!

      2. It really does! I think I found my pre-poo for this weekend's wash. Thanks! :-)
        Abbi of

      3. Nice! That's going to be an interesting read!

      4. lol that does sound interesting but it was regular black tea which i sprayed all over and sealed with oil. So I guess it's similar. Maybe I should've added oil to the spray bottle.

      5. Nice! That's kinda like a DIY Protein/ Anti-Shedding Leave in. I like it!

    3. Beautiful hair! What does it mean when it reads "faux" banded?

      1. Thanks Tay!

        Most chicas use actual hair ties to "band" their hair; I don't---I just use my croc clips. Here's a pic of my method and a video tutorial on using banding to stretch/straighten relaxed hair by Divachyk: "Faux" Banding Texlaxed Hair


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