Thursday, October 10, 2013

Reader Question: What's In Your Organic Aloe Tea Hair Rinse?

Organic Aloe Tea Rinse

Healthy Hair Question-

Q: What's in that organic aloe tea rinse that you used last wash day and how to you plan on using it as a moisturizer?

A: Lo siento chicas for not elaborating. My Aloe Tea Rinse a 3:1:1 ratio of organic tea to hot water to aloe vera juice. I prepare it by steeping 3 heaping tablespoons of CC's Naturals Lavender & Chamomile Tea in 1 cup of barely boiling water then add 1 cup of aloe vera juice. I cover with a lidded mason jar for a few hours. Then sptriz a little on my hair in sections before layering on my deep conditioner and sealing it all the yummy goodness with an oil. To help everything marinade into my strands, I add heat via my awesome Gold n Hot heating cap.

Here's a bit of a warning: This tea has a ridiculously powerful scent. Its not what I would consider floral, whilst it's not terribly funky either. It most definitely is that totally yucky natural-earthy smell that I just don't care for. So, I added a few drops of Tangerine Essential oil to mask the scent and worked like a charm! To maximize the shelf-life of your tea hair rinse, store in the refrigerator WITH A LABEL (One time, my hubby thought that my hair butter was cake icing. Ha-ha!) and it's best to use within 4-5 days of mixing.

I intend on using this mix as a daily moisturizer then seal with my Kitchenista Hair Butter.
Using the same technique that kept my roots smooth, moisturized, and ends protected ends while my hair was straightened a few weeks ago

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  1. Usually you associate tea rinses with shedding but this moisturizing concoction sounds great! I am definitely going to invest in some aloe vera juice, I've heard alot of good things about it.

    1. As did I, until I noticed how moisturized yet strong my hair has been becoming. Aloe vera juice is one thing that I totally wish that I would have tried sooner! Thanks for stopping by chica

  2. I keep forgetting to use my Organic Aloe Vera juice. Great post, KLP!

    1. Thanks Nerline! AVJ has been an awesome gem to have to help detangle my roots and keep my hair moisturized.

  3. Never thought to add AVJ....I shall experiment!

  4. I'm not a huge fan of tea rinses as they leave my hair dry, and clumpy, but since this is moisturizing I just might give it a shot. One question: Is there a substitute for the chamomile and lavender tea?
    Abbi of

    1. That's how I felt after my first tea rinse. Then I learned to follow it up with a smoothing conditioner. Here's a recap of my first experience with Tea Rinsing and Why I incorporated it into my regimen anyway- Your Healthy Hair On-Tea Rinses

      I've used black, green, and I'm currently experimenting with chamomile/lavender. I green has been my staple because it doesn't leave my hair as stiff. I've heard really great things about marshmallow root having amazing slip and moisturizing properties.

      Thanks for stopping by doll!


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