Sunday, October 20, 2013

Sunday Healthy Hairology Medley

Bantu Knots
Last week’s best healthy hair related blogs, vlogs, and forum features that I've found about the web.
  1. My Night Hair Routine freshlengths: What's the key to Lesley's super long low maintenance healthy hair? Smooth those edges, moisturize, and wrap it up.
  2. Detangling Impossible dailycurlz: Daily is my all time favorite brown skin latina curly superhero and if you've been shedding like crazy for the last few weeks---relax. You're not the only one and it doesn't matter if you're relaxed, natural or somewhere in between. Read up on Daily's take on seasonal shedding and how you can deal.
  3. Grow Hair Fast Using The New Moon Phase coilyqueens: I'm not sure if this is the most brilliant hair care post that I've read in forever, or if its the most ridiculous. What I do know is that the proof is in the pictures. Check out  Vee Mack's extreme growth results from trimming her hair using the phases of the moon.
  4. Mixing your own products is easy-ish odd strand out: Want to let your inner Kitchenista out? Start with these tips and tricks from DM of Odd Strand out.
  5. Apple Cider Vinegar and Your [Relaxed] Hair adesiredbeauty: ACV rinses are staple techniques in hundreds of relaxed and natural hhj---Melanie explains why.
  6. How To | Create a Smooth Ponytail When Deep Into A Stretch fancyflairlady: Dear Kim, Can you come to my house and smooth my unruly misbehaving disrespectful edges? Please, prettyyyy please?
Bloggers: What's on your list of the week's best healthy hair posts? Link up your run down post from last week below!

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Healthy Hairology Medley Linkup Rules:
  1. Share your run down the week's best healthy hair related blog posts, YouTube clips, and forum features that you've found about the web this week. Be it relaxed&radiant tresses, big fluffy naturalidad curls, or anything else in between. (Entries completely unrelated to the theme or linked to your homepage will be deleted---we not about that life!)
  2. Link back to this site so others see. Looky at this nifty button we made for you! --->
  3. Muy Importante chicas: Visit the healthy hairology post of the person who linked up directly before you and leave the author an encouraging comment. This is the most important component of this linkup. We are each here to encourage each other and build a community of determined women and hair-friends.
Besitos Chicas!
KLP & Kedya


  1. I thought those curls were from flexi-rods till i saw the caption, very pretty! I've read 90% of the post you listed, great reads.

    1. Thanks Tomi! I love flexi-rods but they're just not as convenient as bantu knots. Plus I don't have to sit under the dryer. Woop!

  2. I've heard the "trim based on the moon" theory a couple of times. It's quite interesting but I don't know if I 'm sold yet lol

    Abbi of

    1. As have I. The semi-science behind it is shaky at best. I do think that Vee's proof via pictures is interesting. Thanks for stopping by Abbi!

  3. Oooh the Moon Phase theory is interesting - I think I need to read a bit more into it
    Thank you for the mention :) x

    1. I've heard a lot of ladies talk about it, but it wasn't until I glanced at Vee's pics that I thought about taking it seriously.


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