Friday, December 13, 2013

Hot Holiday Hair (Week 2)

One&20 and SavingOurStrands Presents: Hot Holiday Hair (Week 2) 

Ready to bring the SavingOurStrands Braids & Buns Pinterest board to life? Here's week 2's challenge: Tumbir's popular-hairstyles Double Braid Bun. Britt over at One&20 is covering how to's, tips, and tricks for the curly natural chicas and yours truly (ME!) is representing for the relaxed&radiant tresses. I know that you have super chic looks too! Share your own hot holiday hair posts in our weekly link up below. We've even got this nifty badge for you to use and don't forget to visit with the other hairlistas in the link up. 

Double Braid Bun

  1. Moisturize, seal and detangle hair. (I started on previously bantu knotted air dried hair.)
  2. Create a side part and section hair from ear to ear.(Optional: Leave a small section out to fame your face.) 
  3. Pull back half into a low bun.
  4. Loosely dutch braid each front section. Pick apart and fluff your braid creating an illusion of plumped fullness.
  5. Pull the ends back and wrap around the bun. Secure with pins.

Tips & Tricks

  1. Skimpy bun? Use a mesh donut like I do here
  2. No Definition? Don't bother. I love a good messy updo. Roll with elegant yet casual look.
  3. Braid trouble? It doesn't matter if you dutchbraid, fishtail, or two strand twist. Whatever braid/twist is easiest for you to do---go for it!
  4. Lackluster?  Try applying an oil or butter before styling. I use my kitchenista Tangerine Vanilla Whipped Hair Butter.
  5. Flyaways? Tame flyways by covering with a silk scarf for a few minutes before heading out. I totally wish that I would have done that first!
What updo did you try this week? Link it up for us to see below!



  1. What flyaways?
    I don't see a hair out of place!!! :)

    1. Girl please! Trust and believe that there are flyaways! Hahahaha!


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