Saturday, February 22, 2014

Foods That Shrink Your Waist and Grow Your Hair | Fitness Friday

Sometimes, I wish that exercise was the only piece to maintaining a healthy strong body. Eating healthily is just as important. Fortunately for us hair obsessed chicas, there are tons of foods that help you shrink your waist and are rich in nutrients that will grow your hair. Today, I'm linking up with the awesome Ebony of Longing4Length, fiercely fabulous Britt of One&20, and stunning Nadege of RelaxedHairHealth to share my fave salad recipe (and side dish) that fuels my workouts and helps my hair grow. 

Chicken- Lean Protein
Our hair is made almost entirely of protein. Eating protein feeds your muscles and your hair zinc, iron, and B vitamins to keep your strands strong.

Spinach- Dark Leafy Vegetables
I, like many chicas struggle with iron deficiencies that can lead to anemia. Research has shown that low iron levels play a role in hair loss. Eating dark leafy veggies is one way to increase your iron levels, keep your body feeling energized and your hair follicles healthy. 

Almonds- Nuts
Nuts are a nautral source of the good fat that your body needs to stay healthy. Nuts are also full of biotin---known to contribute to thick healthy hair. Almonds are my fave!

Sweet Potato- The perfect side
My favorite side dish is sweet potato. But not that Thanksgiving kind with 3 lbs of sugar, 26 bags of marshmallows and bits of pineapple. I like my sweet potato baked with a touch of cinnamon. Your body loves sweet potato too. Its full of beta carotene which our bodies converts into vitamin A and produces the sebum that keeps your scalp healthy. If you have itchy flaky scalp---try upping your intake of carrots, pumpkin and apricots. Your body and hair will thank you!

I'm most certainly a chocoholic, but knowing that there are foods that will keep my body strong and my hair healthy, encourages me to eat more of the good stuff and just a little of the bad stuff!

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  1. What you put in your body is the result that you see on the outside. I am glad you added this section and I am glad to be part of it. Kisses!

  2. love this post! tahnks for sharing #teamfit

  3. I love spinach and sweet potatoes. I never leave the grocery store with out them!

    1. Yes honey! You can use both in sooo many recipes! Plus spinach is $1 a bundle at my commissary!

  4. I tend to eat healthy but exercising is such a task for me. I need to get on this fitness train.

    1. I'm the exact opposite! I love love love working out---and getting seconds on dessert!

  5. I looove sweet potatoes! I wish they didn't take so long to bake tho :/ For me it's easy to workout because I like to, but a little harder to eat healthy. Great post KLP this is just the motivation I needed!

    1. I like to bake a few then put them in the fridge. Or you can always microwave those suckers!

      Thanks for stopping by Jas! I've missed you!

  6. You gotta get salmon in that diet!! It does wonderful things for your hair! :)


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