Friday, February 28, 2014

Training With A Professional | Fitness Friday

Tricep Start Push Down
I have been inspired by KLP and the other beautiful divas with their #Fitness Friday posts! I will be running with KLP in the "Runway 5k" at the end of March then the "Color 5k Run" the first week of May!! Ahhh ... So, I need to really get my body ready for these runs and keep my cardio up to stay healthy.

I dance professionally (modern/ballet) so I am constantly moving every week (about 5-6 hours of rehearsals :/). However, I admit that I can do SO MUCH more with my fitness. So, I am on a mission to workout the right way. Hence, my "Professional Fitness Sessions"! I am a lucky girl, however, with an awesome PERSONAL TRAINER BF! Woot woot!!

I figure that while I am training, I can share some of our workout sessions! Hopefully some of you will try out these moves! :)

Tricep End
Workout Session:
[A]    5-10 minute cardio warmup - I walked on the treadmill at a steady pace. I increased the speed slightly to get my heart pumping but definitely did not over do it!
[B]   Stretched out my legs - lunge stretch primarily.
[C] Bulgarian Split Squats - 3 sets of 10-12 with two sets being with a weight. I was not a fan of this, however I felt the benefits! He says the lower the better. Check out pictures!
[D] Machine Chest press - 3 sets of 10-12 - This was working my chest/shoulders and triceps. Keep your wrists straight!
[E] Lat pull down - 3 sets of 10-12 - we used three different handle bars (grips). Check out pictures!
[F] We finished with bicep curls and tricep push downs! Pictures! I realize that my biceps are not as strong as I thought they were!

From Left to Right: Bulgarian Split Squats from start position to end position; Lat Pull down with a neutral grip from end position to start (picture kinda backwards! lol).

What exercises do you complete in the gym!?


I'm apart of the #FitnessFriday club!


  1. LUCKY YOU! A personal trainer as a BF! And how did I not know you are a professional dancer? That's awesome!

    1. Yes! I'm actually shy to say it lol but show is coming!

  2. The main thing is to stay focus. My favorite workout routine is dancing. I dance until I sweat #ShaunT. A long walk in the park is great too. I cannot wait for spring to get here so I can workout outside. Kisses!

    1. Dancing is the fastest way to get it all tight! And I love hikes! Xoxo

  3. Woot woot to the Personal trainer BF! Good luck with your training and the runs you have signed up for! I am also planning to do a few 5k runs myself!


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