Monday, March 24, 2014

How To Style Your Hair Like A Dancer

Saturday, I had the pleasure of attending a dance performance featuring Keyda! Walk a mile by Contradiction dance was an abstract blend of dance, theater, and pop culture storytelling about shoes plus the people that wear them. Keyda was amazing in it---but being hair obsessed---I was totally in love with her simple, fashionable, and functional protective style: French Braid Into a Bun.

How To:
  1. Start with moisturized and detangled hair.
  2. Create a center part.
  3. French braid each side.
  4. Pin the ends over to the opposite sides
  5. (Optional) Accessorize with your favorite pins or clips.
Every single strand stayed in place. Even when as she was flipping into handstands!

You rocked it Keyda!


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