Thursday, March 27, 2014

[Tutorial] Side French Twist with a Twist

I get so bored with basic buns. Yes they are easy. Yes they are simple. Yes they are effective. But who doesn't need a little spunky variety in their hair obsessed life? And thanks to my protective style rolodex I'm never stuck in a bored basic bun rut for long. Meet the Side French Twist with a Twist. It totally reminds me of a french roll gone rogue!

Side French Twist with a Twist
  1. Moisturize and detangle hair. (This style was created on stretched and air dried hair)
  2. Create a side part then separate hair ear to ear.
  3. Pull the left side across the back of your head. Secure with a pin. Repeat with the left side.
  4. Divide the back into four sections. Grab the first section closer to your ear and wrap it towards your head in a large finger curl, then use a pin to secure. Repeat on the next two sections, staggering each tuck to create the side twist.
  5. Double strand twist the remaining section then pull it across the top of your side french twist. Use a pin to tuck it into the opening of the curl on the opposite side.
 Tips and Tricks:
  1. My hair isn't thick enough. No worries. This style makes your hair appear more voluminous than it actually is. Fine haired chicas can still rock this one.
  2. My hair has too much texture. Start the style with stretched hair. I usually go for bantu knots but a old braid/twist out would work just as well. 
  3. My hair isn't long enough. If your hair is fully neck length, you can pull this off. Because your hair is tucked in, length isn't that big of a factor. Make your french twist tight. Then pick it apart a little at a time to create the illusion of a fuller updo. Neat hair need not apply!
What's your go to non-bun updo?


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  1. Great post KLP, very cute style! x

  2. I LOVE me a classy and chic PS. I have a wedding coming up and this just might be hairstyle. I just pinned you on pinterest. I love your PS on there as well.

    1. Thanks Sammy! If you do wear it snap a few pics and let us know! This would be a super chic wedding style!


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