Monday, April 14, 2014

Healthy Hairology Medley

What is Healthy Hairology Medley? It's simply the place where I share my favorite healthy hair tips, tricks, and techniques from bloggers, vloggers, and forums for you each week with the occasional mention of simply cool stuff. A little warning: I'm a little obsessed with all things hair related. But wait---but you already knew that huh? Ha-ha! Here is the best of the best from last week: 

Natural Hair Vlogger Domineque Banks aka LHDC2011 Passes Away  blackgirllonghair: Domineque was one my first hair crushes. Heaven is rejoicing because another angel has come home. 

Henna Gloss: A Quicker, Easier Way to Henna hairscapades: Henna has been on my must try list for years. No really. YEARS. Why? Because it looks messy, time consuming, and seems a little more complicated than this chemistry flunking chica can handle. That is until Shelli shared this ridiculously easy-peasy henna recipe with only two steps!

How I Deep Condition freshlengths: Deep conditioning is my favorite part of my wash day because I know that I'm giving my hair the moisturizing boost that it really needs. Check out Lesley's tips to making the most out of your deep conditioning. 

Product Review: Dark & Lovely Curl Moisturizing Souffle finallygrowing: Just because a product seems to be marketed towards chicas that flaunt their big hair natural curls doesn't mean that relaxed girls can't enjoy it too. Courtnea's review of Dark & Lovely's latest product definitely proves that.

Twist Out Hairstyle Regimen relaxedthairapy: Because I'm still struggling with my braid/twist out routine, I totally bookmarked this tutorial from GrowWomanAZ via Relaxed Thairapy. Thanks for sharing Divachyk!

Recent Purchase 100% Vegetable Glycerin hairliciousinc: "I see you are now into glycerin.." Ha-ha! Kinda, sorta, but not really. I noticed that a lot of my moisturizing favorite products were loaded with glycerin so I thought it would be cute to add a tablespoon or so to my tea rinses. Love. At. First. Use. I'll share more about my experience with glycerin soon. For now, read how Sunshyne---aka hair so drop dead gorge it makes your head spin---is incorporating glycerin into her regimen.

Spring is Hair careforyourhair:  Just when I think that my lust over floral crowns and headbands is gone---- Pelumi Rae posts the easiest gorge DIY tutorial. Do not be surprised if I'm rocking one next week!

Styles I've Been Rocking Lately belowthawaist: If I could get my braid out to look like Abbi's---Trust and believe that it's the ONLY way that you'd ever see my hair! GORGEOUS!

Happy Monday chicas!


  1. So sad to hear about Domineque ! You are right to rejoice in her home going though :) I am excited to check out all of these natural hair bloggers

  2. I love your blog! Wow

    xCan you please visit mine & my 14yr olds twins blog x
    P.s Do you want to follow each other on GFC? ;) x

  3. sad to hear about that Natural Hair blogger…I love that photo of Abbi, want my hair to look like that too!

    1. LHDC2011 was an inspiration to so many of us!

  4. As I swear i've said 100382034 times I love these posts!

    Thanks for sharing, I loo forward to reading the blogs :)
    Mixed Hair

    1. Thanks Chantelle! I love compiling them! And it gives me a reason to enjoy my time cruising blogs!


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