Friday, May 30, 2014

My Love/Hate Relationship With FitBit Zip

I walked into the exchange, picked up the magenta hot pink FitBit Zip and told my hubby "THIS is what I want for my birthday" then sashayed off to buy bananas and laundry detergent. Several weeks later, my hubby surprised me with a magenta hot pink FitBit Zip for my birthday! (He's totally a keeper! Ha-ha!) I wanted to use my Fitbit Zip for a while just to break it in and really give you the low down. It's #FitnessFriday *throw your confetti!* and today I'm dishing about my love/hate relationship with my FitBit Zip:

It's addictive. I CAN NOT leave my house without it. Seriously. I was about to go do some shopping with my suegra, went we made it half way up the driveaway when I realized that I forgot my FitBit Zip. So, let them clown me as I turned around go back and get it! I love how it tracks my steps, distance, and calories burned.

Small steps to accomplishing big goals. I love how I can see how active I am throughout the day. Since the weather has warmed up, I started taking walks in my neighborhood and in the park with my minions, I don't mind having to run up and down my steps when I forget things, I park further away from the entrance to stores to make sure that I get my 10,000 steps in. Sometimes, I'll put on my Pandora 90's station and dance until I hit my daily goal.

The encouraging automated love. When you reach your goals, your FitBit sends you a love note. When you're slacking it will gently remind you that you only have a little more to go. Part personal trainer part pixie dust spreader. Either way it makes me smile.

It's a shiny fancy glorified super expensive pedometer. Yes, it is more accurate than anything else that I've used, but in the end all this thing does is count your steps, tell you that you're awesome, and smile at you. Literally.

Sucky Mobile & Online Tools. I wanted to be able to track my other fitness related activities either especially running via the FitBit app on my smartphone or online.  (Your FitBit is AWFUL at tracking your steps running. Don't bother trying) I was surprised at how un-user friendly and NOT intuitive it is. If I'm going to spend $50 on a gadget that claims to sync you with the world, then it needs to do just that.

Limited Interaction With 3rd party Apps. After some research I saw that I could link my FitBit to my all time favorite fitness app RunKeeper. RunKeeper allows you to record dozens of fitness related activities with distances and calories burned. The RunKeeper interface is dumb easy to use. I use it when I run, jump rope, go to Zumba, and even for Spinning class. Sadly, this was another bust. Sure you can sync your FitBit to RunKeeper but you can't sync your RunKeeper activities to FitBit. Which defeated the ENTIRE purpose of having a sync-able pedometer. Is it too much to ask to have all of my sweat stuff in one place.

Was my FitBit Zip a ratchet waste of money? Well, no. Using it is incredibly easy. Like---so easy that a cave man can do it. Plus its hot magenta pink! It's totally the most stylist pedometer ever. Unfortunately, interacting with its mobile app and online isn't intuitive. Maybe I expected too much. But the tag line "Wireless Activity Tracker" is a little misleading to me. If you want a wicked cool steps counter and that's it---then the FitBit Zip is for you. If you want just a little more---wait until they update their apps. I'm sure eventually they'll get this thing right.

Do you have a FitBit? Do you love it or hate it?

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  1. Yey! Thank God for husbands! I don't have one, hun (FitBit, I mean:-), but it sounds like a great love story. Like with any relationships, you will never 100%. I am still talking about the FiBit here. It seems like it is helping you a lot for your $50.

    1. Just throw the word GET in front of 100% for me. Haha!

    2. Since I started using it---I don't go a day without out. That's how I know that I'm addicted! I active checking in every couple of hours to see my progress!

  2. I bought myself a FitBit zip a couple weeks ago and I loved it! But then I left it hooked on a bra that went through the washer and dryer.... Bye, bye FitBit :(

    1. *GASP* It didn't survive? *hangs head* If my FitBit were to die---I think that's the way that it would go out. Po thing.

      Do you think that you'll replace it?

  3. This sounds like a really good device to have especially for me who need motivation to start exercising. Your hubby is so thoughtful and sweet.

    1. Yeah...He's a sweetie. I think that I'll keep him. LOL.

  4. OMG. I have the fit bit zip in lime green, but it's just lying in a bag somewhere now. I loved it but my main reason for buying it was for the calorie count not the steps and the calorie counter is all over the place. I wanted to see how many calories I BURNED not the burned calories AND the calories my body naturally burns each day. Plus my USB port broke, so it's a lost cause.

    But I hope your experience is better and that my future husband will do things like this for me :)

    1. Oh yeah...I forgot to mention that the calorie count includes what your body burns naturally just by you walking, talking, and breathing. I actually appreciate it because I can see that my activity level is directly related to my calories burned. It reminds me that I'm in charge and only I can put in the effort to increase that number.


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