Saturday, May 31, 2014

[Tutorial] Professional Quick Pinned Updo {Keyda]

Have you ever styled your hair out of frustration!?

hah! Well, I experienced quite a frustration trying to style my hair after my wash day. I needed to also have a elegant yet simple style for my school's graduation! However, it ended with a lovely up-do that I pinned up (if I say so myself!). It took me about 30minutes lol but it should literally only take 5minutes. This style and the many renditions, NEVER get old! What's your up-do!?

Check it!

How to:

1. Moisturize & Seal hair! I used a dab of water, then sealed with CHI Silk Infusion and put a dab of Hair butter.

2. Separate bangs and clip. I made a semi-deep middle part that was off to the side. (not so complicated!) 

3. Gather hair starting from back then securely with bobby pin. Securely pin all hair around side. Now, you look like you want a mohawk! hah! 

4. Separate as needed and pin curl those pieces, securing with bobby pin. Then unclip your bangs. Gather one side and pull atop of head from front to back, securely pinning hair at back. Tip: My bangs were long enough to pinned on the inside of my back pin curls, so no ends could really be seen. Then do other side. 

Vaalaaa! I was going for this style with twists atop... No-go for me... Instead I have this! :) 

Sidebar: Another counselor said " You must wear your hair like this on your wedding day!" lol...No, Imma be flowing! lol 

 What do you think!? What are your styles out of frustration!?




  1. Very cute. I love the back.

  2. Great post Keyda. Love the style x

  3. Great up-do! I will be giving this a try :)

    You have been tagged! Check out my latest blog post "Being Me", KLP has already been tagged by someone else, hope you accept :)


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