Monday, June 16, 2014

Healthy Hairology Medley

What is Healthy Hairology Medley? It's simply the place where I share my favorite healthy hair tips, tricks, and techniques from bloggers, vloggers, and forums for you each week with the occasional mention of simply cool stuff. A little warning: I'm a little obsessed with all things hair related. But wait---but you already knew that huh? Ha-ha! Here is the best of the best from last few weeks:

Kilo-Kish-Bumble-and-bumble-into-the-gloss 10
Kilo Kish’s Summer-Proof Hair Routine intothegloss: I've never been daring enough to sport my bantu knots out of the house, but the way that Kilo does it and how the process ensures that her hair is super moisturized has me wondering---which are cuter: Bantu knots or Bantu knot curls? 

My straight hair bed time routine 31ofmay: Did you hair frizz up when you attempted to straighten it? Well Chantelle has got a cure for that---in 3 simple steps you can say good bye to frizz and hello to sexy beach waves!

Post image for Got Yourself A Gun: Talking All That Sh*t Online Got Yourself A Gun: Talking All That Sh*t Online kisforkinky: The one thing that's not allowed here at SavingOurStrands is negativity. Simply put: If you can't be respectful then you just can't participate. I love 's take on this and I hope that it encourages someone to think again about being rude.

Before and After Coloring with Feria Intense Ombre 030

My DIY Ombre Hair Color Experience naturallystellar: There is something about ombre color that SCREAMS summer loving to me and Candace's curls are why! My ends would probably be murdered so for now I'm living vicariously through you boo!

Summer/Vacation Hair: Marley Twists  laurenmechelle: I want Marley twists so bad but I know that I won’t leave them in long enough to justify the installation time! In the meantime, I'll live vicariously though all of you. Especially Lauren! Just gorge! And here's bangin video so that you can get your summer marley twist on too!



  1. Great post KLP. I'm in love with Lauren's Marley Twists! x

  2. Marley twists are beautiful, but they can be dangerous too....very detrimental to your ends because the synthetic hair itself prevents your hair from getting any moisture. I love her tips, though.

    1. Ohhh...I never thought about that. There's always a catch right?!

  3. Great stuff...Lauren put me in the mood for some twists..

    1. It's like EVERYONE and their mama is rocking gorgeous twists and braids right now!


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