Wednesday, November 26, 2014

[Hairstyle] Wash Day | Curls & Hair Chalk

    Maintaining my hair last week was soooooo easy. Omgosh...soooo easy. I actually remembered to moisturize and seal plus I was able to bring back one of my favorite hair styles: The Headband Tuck. (Check out the tutorial here)

    Did you peep that shine? It's from Modere Antioxidant Hair Serum. I applied it throughout my hair then re-set on my Caruso steam rollers. I was pleasantly surprised at how light it was and how well it smoothed my frizzes. Believe it or not...3 hours before I took this picture, I ran a 5K race. How awesome is that?

    But I won't front---most of the week, I was in a high bun. Shoot me now. I just can't quit my addiction to the top knot. Ha-ha! Here's how my #washdayexperience went:
    1. Extreme Deep Condition- I detangled my hair in about 8 sections then applied Matrix Hydrasource Conditioner to my roots and Joico K-Pak Revitaluxe from the line of demarcation to my ends. Afterwards, I applied a little extra virgin coconut oil from root to tip to seal in the conditioner. I covered with a plastic cap + knit beanie for a few hours.
    2. Tea Rinse- I hopped in the shower to rinse the conditioner section by section. Then I applied my tea rinse of 2 green tea bags + 1 cup of water and 2 tablespoons of glycerin. I let the mixture sit on my hair for about 5 minutes.
    3. Detangling Treatment- I rinsed the tea then applied a Matrix Biolage Detangling Solution.
    4. Air Dried- I applied a bit of Modere Antioxidant Hair Serum to 80-85% wrapped in a cotton t-shirt.
    5. Leave ins-I used Jessicurl Too Shea Extra Moisturizing Conditioner to moisturize and extra virgin coconut oil to seal, then set my hair on orange perm rods and left in overnight (approx 4-5 hours)

    The Results

    Overnight Deep Conditioning- 
    I'm totally used to deep conditioning over night. I didn't for this wash day---and I could really tell the difference in my hair. Don't get me wrong---it was moisturized---but not silky smooth or soft as when I deep condition overnight. As I installed my perm rods, I had to re-wet most of the sections because the hair dried out much faster. Deep conditioning overnight may not work will for some---but I think that my hair is better off (for hair is a sick fickle beast) with it than without it. Overnight deep conditioning will be back next week for sure. 

    Modere Antioxidant Hair Serum-
    Because of the good results that I got from Modere Antioxidant Hair Serum during the week. I decided to use it in place of Chi Silk Infusion in my #washdayexperience. It disappeared into my wet hair almost as if I didn't apply anything at all. It provided a little slip and a little sheen, but not enough to really wow me. I think that this one is better as a daily shine enhancer to tame flyaways than anything else. Don't worry Silk Infusion---your spot in my regimen is still safe.

    Hair Chalk-
    It's amazing what you find when you clean out your stash! Remember my hair chalk? Man---I was in love with this stuff last year! Anywhos, I pulled out the teal and chalked the tips of a few of the curls before pulling it all up into a messy high pony tail. You can click here for my tutorial on How to Use Hair Chalk on Relaxed hair.

    I felt so ratchet. But whatevs dude---if you can't have fun with your hair then what's the point right?!?

    How was your #washdayexperience? Any special styles for Thanksgiving?



    1. Your post got me laughing with all the side comments you had for each step:) Some wash days are simply just that; wash days lol.

      1. Things definitely didn't quite go according to plan this wash day. But *shrugs* at least my curls were cute!

        Thanks for stopping by Abena!

    2. Overnight deep conditioning definitely works for you. I can see the difference, too. The pop of color is beautiful, though. Happy Thanksgiving, KLP!

      1. Yay for another overnight deep conditioning lover! My daughter really loved the color---but the hubby just rolled his eyes. LOL.

        Happy Turkey Day chica!

    3. I love your curls and the chalk made them pop even more..

      1. Thanks doll!!! If (when) I do it again---I think that I'll chalk more curls to really make the curls pop.

    4. I'm scared over over moisturized hair but i'm sure it will save lot of time. I see you're having fun with your chalk. With the right color it could change up your hairstyle really nicely.

      1. Interestingly enough, I haven't experienced over moisturized hair (yet). I think that dc-ing on dry unwashed hair and using a lot of protein in my regimen might be why.

        Would you streak your hair a wild (yet temporary) color?

    5. I love the color! My hubs would roll his eyes as well while my daughter asks for hot pink in her Congrats on the 5k and post race hair. The style is beautiful.

    6. I don't think the color is ratchet at all. I love the color peeking through your curls. I didn't even post a wash day this week b/c it was so nothing special.
      Tiki | Grow It Girl

      I'm planning to color cream this weekend :)

    8. Your curly up-do is so cute! I love the color highlights from the chalk. Something to consider for my office Christmas party.

    9. Love what you did with the chalk x

    10. Love that hair chalk! I was thinking of doing something similar to my hair, but I was going to use eyeshadow a la Mahogany Curls style. Great head band too! So pretty...I'm a sucker for gold embellishments!


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