Friday, January 02, 2015

My #FitnessFriday 2014 Accomplishments

Committing to #FitnessFriday was one of my proudest accomplishments in 2014. I adore the #FitnessFriday gang! (Shout out to Ebony, Britt, Dani, and Lexi!) I'm not a naturally thin girl. I am addicted to chocolate. I have to put in sweat equity workouts every week if I want to stay in my skinny jeans. I didn't have official #FitnessFriday goals; I just wanted to stay motivated and try new things. Here are a few of the coolest #FitnessFriday things that I did in 2014:

Realizing how working out AND eating well helps my hair grow longer:

In all honesty, I'd rather sweat like a sinner in church while running 10 miles then deny myself good food. But good food doesn't have to be unhealthy food. I'm most certainly still a chocoholic, but knowing that there are foods that will keep my body strong and my hair healthy, encourages me to eat more of the good stuff and just a little of the bad stuff!

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I failed a juice detox:

I know...doesn't sound like an accomplishment right? Gimme a sec to explain. My first juice detox was an uttttterrr fail. I didn't own a juicer, I worked out too much, I just tried to do quit coffee and sweets at the same time. It was a miserable week for sure. I also learned what it felt like to be full, that I actually DO have will power, and how food affects my energy levels. Failing my detox + being gifted a juicer, inspired me to drink one green smoothie a day---a habit that I've kept for months!

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I got a FitBit Zip:

I'm addicted to my FitBit Zip. I'm so addicted that I purchased one for my father in law and uncle so that I wouldn't be the only one addicted. Then we convinced 3 other family members to get one. These people are crazy competitive. I get text messages asking what my problem is when I don't nail my 10k a day step goal. As a family, we've lost a ton of weight. And last--but not least---I have a tangible way to track my all of my workout related activities, food, water intake, and weight. My FitBit definitely encouraged me to keep moving---even on vacation! If I lost my FitBit today---I'd buy another one ON.THE.SPOT. #dontjudgeme

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Figuring out what to eat before...

AND after my workouts:

Eating too heavily before my workouts lead to an upset tummy. But when I don't plan appropriately, eating after my workouts completely undoes the hard work that I just put in. With the help of a trainer---and you guys--- I finally discovered a few mini-snacks that I could have that kept me full and focused!

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I'm super stoked for the possibilities that 2015 holds for us and #FitnessFriday! May we all remain committed and focused on being the best that we can be mentally, physically, and emotionally. If you haven't already joined the #FitnessFriday movement, we'd love to have you, support you, and sprinkle positive pixie dust on your goals!

KLP and the rest of the #FitnessFriday Fam!


  1. You've made some great accomplishments and started some really good habits. A green smoothie a day. Wow! And you've really got me wanting a Fit Bit! They should be paying you to advertise! LOL!
    Your posts are so motivating. I hope to join the fitness Friday link ups this year..

  2. that salad is calling my name! everything in it i love. looks so delicious. love the tips on what to eat after a workout. so good to know.

  3. If I eat heavy before my workout, I always have to wait at least 35 minutes before I start. I understand what you mean by the upset stomach. One smoothie a day sounds like a big accomplishment to me!

  4. I have to snack before and after a workout or I'll feel like I'm flat lining. I usually snack on a power bar.

  5. um, so that first salad looks divine and will probably be my supper.
    i hear you on the juice cleanse though - the last time i did it, i always felt so light headed and nauseous.
    perhaps, i'll give it another go.



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