Friday, February 20, 2015

My #FitnessFriday Lust List

Since confessing my half-marathon fails to you guys last week, I feel re-energized and focused. I was able to get a couple really good runs in before my part of the world got hit with a super cold arctic freeze that dumped 1/2 - 1" blanket of ice over everything. My times were fanastic and surprisingly my endurance was even better. It kinda made me wonder if my month break was exactly what my body needed. Anywhos, while I was out running in the I cannot believe that its this cold at the beach weather, I realized that I was going to need to add a few more items to my half-marathon running gear just in case it's this stupid cold next month. Here's what's on my #FitnessFriday Lust List today:

1// Nathan Trail Mix Hydration Belt ($45)
I've never been a fan of hydration belts. I was afraid that they would be bulky or bounce about while I ran. I'm incredibly clumsy just standing still, so attempting to run, pull a water bottle out, drink from it, and put it back is going to take some serious practice. #judgeme #imterrible But after my 20 mile run/walk a few weeks ago, I realized that there is no way that I can tackle long distances without water. Before my half-marathon, I'm definitely investing in a hydration belt so that I don't die. The added bonus: it's roomy enough to hold my keys, a couple of dollars, and my id. #winning Plus my running buddies from BGR say that this Nathan belt is amazing.

2// Under Amour Knit Gloves ($18)
I already have really warm moisture-wicking (texting) running gloves, but in this cold, they just aren't enough to keep my fingers warm! I'm hoping that another layer of cozy knit warmness will do the job.


3// Under Armour Knit Beanie ($18)
Monday, I ran in 20 degree temps. While my body was super warm and my ear-warmer headband kept my ears nice and toasty. But my head was COLD! This cute little Under Arnour Knit hat matches my running jacket, is sweat resistant and has coating that retains body heat! I can not believe that I'm this siced for a hat. #runninggirlproblems

4// Foam Rollers (price varies by size)
Another bit that I learned from my 20 miler. I hate foam rollers. But OMG that are a necessary evil. Especially if you---maybe want to walk the day after a ridiculously long run. Once I started running 10+ miles I noticed aches and pains in all kinds of muscles that I never knew that I had. Foam rollers are excellent at working out the kinks.

Cross your fingers that the hubster is reading!

What's on your #FitnessFriday lust list?



  1. Awesome wishlist! I def believe those foam rollers would come in handy. When I did my 8k I felt awesome the rest of that day, but the day after was a totally different story. I could barely walk and I just hurt all over. If only I knew

    1. Same here Andrea! Foam Roller hurt like crap but its totally worth a pain free day after! I especially love them for my poor achy feet!

  2. Great list! I want one of those hydration belts because I plan on hiking more often once it warms up. I have a foam roller!

  3. The hydration belt sounds interesting, especially during summer time. I will look into it too.

    1. I'm a little nervous about running with it---I'm sooo clumsy. But I think that it's a good investment because I hope to run more half-marathons in the future! You know...if this one doesn't kill me!

      Thanks for stopping by!

  4. this is a great list - full of things i'm sure would come in handy.
    i wish i was daring enough to run in the winter.
    but alas, i'm a punk, haha.


    1. LOL! I used to be. Then I obviously lost my friggin mind. HAHAHAHA!

  5. great list.... I want those foam rollers.

    1. I picked up one over the weekend and I'm in LOVE! They're totally a necessary evil.


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