Friday, February 13, 2015

My Half-Marathon Training Fails | #FitnessFriday

I was a beast out the gate. My first month of half-marathon training was amazing. I was getting stronger. My endurance increased. I broke every single personal record that I had ever made. happened.

And I didn't run for a month...

I feel like such a failure.

I feel like I have some xplaining to do. I swear that I have legit excuses reasons...

Military Life:
My superhero hubby went off to save the world away from home for a few weeks. While I'm uber proud of his hunky heroism, I won't lie, the separation stinks. Especially with two young children. Especially with a crazy demanding schedule. Especially in a new town. And especially without a solid support network. Finding time to take a shower was hard enough. Running didn't even make it on the to-do list.
Winter stinks:
I've run in temps as low as 20 and loved every minute of it. However, without the hubby to lean on, the minions would have to ride along in our double jogger. And while, I've come to enjoy running in the cold---I just won't take them out in anything below 40. How many above 40 days have we seen lately? Smh...not that many.

No gym:
Finding a gym has been on my to do list for months. MONTHS y'all. I'm picky and I'm ballin on a budget. My ideal gym has to be within 5 miles of my house, have a great childcare center, and offer group classes when I can actually attend them. Who knew that it would be this hard or this time consuming to find something that works?!? 

But this update isn't alll bad. I have accomplished a few crazy awesome things in the meantime.

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20 miler
I ran 10 miles and then walked back 10 more miles. Crazy right?!? Yeah, didn't think that through. While I was running, I took note that I needed to invest in a water carrying system that's actually easy and functional to use. I also realized that running/walking that distance on an empty stomach is dumb dumb dumb. But that running/walking that distance with a low cell battery was even dumber! Nonetheless, I'm just proud that I made it back!

Better Eating Habits
Because I wasn't working out as much, I wanted to do my best to get things right in the kitchen. I focused on getting more fruits and veggies in my diet thanks to my obsession love affair with my NutriBullet. I even started logging my food in my FitBit and I increased my water intake.

Now that the hubster is back, I'm a little pverwhelmed by the amount of catching up that I have to do. My half-marathon is 5 weeks away! I don't want to stress about it but I also don't want to disappoint myself. *Le sigh* Wish me luck! I'm gonna need it!



  1. The world comes knocking at our doors at the most inconvenient times, but you are a rockstar and i know you will do very well in the 1/2 marathon. So keep on keeping on!

    1. Thanks for the encouragement chica! Since posting this, I've run 3 times and I'm excited to report that my times haven't decreased as much as I thought that they would! Woot!

  2. My husband's military time away was very hard on me and we had no kids. So yeah, I know how that goes.

    1. It took me a couple of weeks to get adjusted to him not being home, but once I had a schedule---it was a lot easier to manage.

  3. All things work together for good. I'm sure your marathon will be a breeze so don't stress, keep practicing and let God do the rest.

    1. Thanks Hilda!!!! My heart appreciates your encouragement chica!

  4. What do the red frowny faces stand for? There is always tomorrow God willing so get right on out there and try again.

    1. Missed workouts :(

      I'm slowly but surely getting on the right track! Thanks for your prayers chica!


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