Friday, March 13, 2015

My Favorite FREE Fitness Apps | #FitnessFriday

If you're anything like me, you're always looking for ways to make tracking your fitness journey more streamlined, interesting and fun. Thanks to a few amazeball FREE fitness apps, I've been able to do just that. Here's the inside scoop. But shhhh! don't tell anyone else. Ha-ha!


I know, I know. You're not in the least shocked that FitBit made my favorite free fitness app list are you? I love ERRYTHING FitBit. I can log my food, fitness activities, weight, water intake and compete with my FitBit buddies all in one place! I love that they've added GPS so that I can record my runs too. Best part? You don't even need a FitBit tracker to use the app. 


I adore RunKeeper's training programs and the half-marathon training plan is legit! The plan slowly advances both my volume and pace so I can reach race day ready to finish with a time of sub 2:15 without getting hurt in the training process. I was able to run using GPS when I was outside or in stopwatch mode on the treadmill. My favorite part of RunKeeper is that they have a live broadcast mode. Which is the perfect way for my family to track my progress during my half-marathon race next weekend.


The Zipongo tag line is eating well made simple and it's totally true. I love Zipongo because they offer tons of healthy recipes, coupons for REAL food---not all that processed mess, and even a meal planner that syncs seamlessly. No guessing and lots of simplicity. Did I mention that it's totally FREE?

All of the apps are available for iPhone and Android. What are your can't-live-without fitness apps?

Happy #FtinessFriday chicas!

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  1. Oooh thanks for sharing this list! I only got an iPhone in January so I'm still very slowly accumulating apps that fit in with my life. I'm off to check out the FitBit app now!


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