Wednesday, March 25, 2015

The Best Flexi-Rod, Curlformer, Perm Rod, & Braid Out Curls EVER | #WashDayExperience


There are so many facets about the #WashDayExperience that I simply adore. I love reading the different tips and hacks that you guys share each week. I love the positivity. And I LOVE how you guys give me the hair-style inspiration! I'm celebrating the #WashDayExperience first anniversary by sharing few of my favorite blogger flexi-rod, curlformer, and perm rod curls from the past year.

Jen from "JustGrowAlready"

With a beautiful spirit, a gentle heart, and GOOD GOD GORGEOUS hair, Jeni has perfected the flexi-rod set. Her 5 keys to success are:
  1. Start with damp or wet hair
  2. Use tension
  3. Skip heavy or oily products
  4. Moisture, moisture moisture
  5. Start each section with a two strand twist

Read more about Jen's Essentials For Great Flexi-Rod Sets and be ready to PIN your heart out!

Yalanda from "Laugh Anyway"

It's been over a year since Yalanda's last relaxer but you can't tell because of the way that curlformers blend her curly roots and straighter ends. She makes curlformers look idiot proof and proves that you don't have to invest your savings into buying a trillion rods.

Get the scoop on how Yalanda sets her curlformers here

Britt from "The Pinnacle Project"

I never knew that I could love perm rods the way that I do until Britt opened my eyes to the light. Yes, honey---it's that serious! Britt's key to a bouncy perm rod set:
  1. Dry hair
  2. Orange perm rods
  3. A holding product  (although I don't think that since this post, she's ditched this---a testimony to her hair's friggin awesomeness...)
  4. Air dry for about 3 hours

*swoons* After I read about her #washdayexperience here, I went and bought all of the perm rods that I could find. It's all your fault Britt!

Harlem from "With Love From Harlem"

A self-proclaimed broke college grad on the mission to getting healthy hair, Harlem has an incredibly simple formula to get your best braid out: Freshly cleansed and conditioned hair + 2 dutch braids. Let it dry then fluff it out. freakin fabulous is that!?!

Check out the #washdayexperience that produced Harlem's beach vibe effortlessness!

Which style would you steal?



  1. Hey! It's me :D
    I'm so glad you love perm rods now!!!

  2. Love all of the styles featured! I'm a flexi girl.

  3. I would steal all of these! Thanks to Britt and Yalanda, I'll be grabbing up new perm rods and curlformers soon! I have never tried curlformers before. And of course I always love Jen's flexi-rod sets and Harlem's braid out is perfect! Thanks for the hair inspiration, ladies!

  4. I have stolen Jen's flexi rod style a few times *hidesface*, and it has always worked out! I think I want to try Harlem's braidout next. But your top knot is still tops for me lol... Thanks for the post KLP, there is always something to learn from #washdayexperience

  5. Haha! That is too cute.. Thanks for the feature!

  6. Woot woot! I love this post, all the curls and waves! All the featured girlies' styles look fab. Makes me wanna try a flexirod set again!

  7. Awe! Girl... THANK YOU!!! What a lovely compliment and way to make my day!!!!!

  8. Love all the styles, I like the simplicity of Harlem's braid out I should give that a try real soon.

  9. All these curly styles look great! I plan on spending this summer curly too.


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